Gerard   Jitechian, Cot, Roub

Gerard Jitechian, Cot, Roub


I hope to expand my knowledge of ophthalmology. I possess many specialized clinical skills: These encompass anterior segment care, general ophthalmic care, specialized diagnostic testing, and optometric functions. I hope my active presence, in regards to clinical care, will improve your practice’s efficiency, quality of care, and satisfaction of patients.

Summary and Goals

  • Seeking Bachelors Degree
  • Seeking Medical School Admission

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2014 - Feb 2014

Ophthalmic Technician

East Side Eye Associates
  • Independent Contractor - Ophthalmic Technician
  • 18 hours over 2 days.  Approximately 20 patients seen
  • Patients seen autonomously. Worked out of my own "lane"
  • Anterior Segment and generally ophthalmology
  • Requisitioned ophthalmic imaging from diagnostic staff
Aug 2012 - Jan 2014

Senior Ophthalmic Technician

Pamel Vision & Laser Group
  • Worked efficiently in a professional setting composed of Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and other ophthalmic medial personnel.
  • Provided direct patient care performing eye examinations. See Skills.
  • Managed and trained new technicians in all aspects of ophthalmic assisting. Held responsibly as head technician on many occasions.
  • Carried out specialized diagnostic testing primarily for, but not limited to, pre/post-operative refractive surgery and/or IOL implantation through the proficient operating of ophthalmic imaging machinery. 
  • Managed daily clinical aspects including patient flow, sterilization procedures for office antisepsis, consent documentation.
  • Educated patients in regards too contact lenses and generally information about refractive surgery and/or IOL implantation. Helped promote multifocal/torric IOLs.
  • Experience with an extensive range of pathologies related to retinal abnormalities, glaucoma diagnosis and treatment and emergency ophthalmic triage.
  • Assisted in research, clinical trials, and documentation. This composed conditional, structured clinical assessments and other report generation.
  • Responsible for on-the-spot computer and ophthalmic equipment troubleshooting/repair.
2010 - 2012

New York University Athletics
  • Fall/Spring semester employment.
  • Held responsibility as first responder for the entire athletics facility in addition to the pool area.
2010 - 2011

Senior Lifeguard and Professional Rescuer

Armenian General Benevolent Union
  • Performed first aid care to injured swimmers and maintained a safe waterfront environment.
  • Summer employment


Apr 2014 - Apr 2014

8 JCAHPO Catagory 'A' CE credits

Ophthalmic Sonographer and Biometrist

courses taught by Rhonda Waldron, MMSc COMT CRA ROUB CDOS

Feb 2014 - Present

COT Prep Course

Comprehensive 8 hour course covering NEW JCAHPO COT exam content.

Sep 2012 - Present

8 JCAHPO Catagory 'A' CE credits

COA Prep Course

Comprehensive 8 hour course covering NEW JCAHPO COA exam content.

Aug 2010 - May 2012

Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.)

New York University
  • Pre-med science courses
  • Writing intensive



WaveScan WaveFront™ System Certification

Abbott Medical Optics

VISX® System Operator Certification

Abbott Medical Optics
Operation of VISX excimer laser system

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

(Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO))

CPR/AED and First Aid for the Professional Rescuer

American Red Cross

Certified Phlebotomist Technologist

National Phlebotomy Association, Inc.

Certified New York State Nurse Aide

New York State Department of Health

Certified EKG Technician

National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

Certified Patient Care Technician

National Healthcareer Association (NHA)
Jul 2014 - Jul 2017

Certified Ophthalmic Technician

Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO)
Jul 2014 - Jan 2017

Registered Ophthalmic Ultrasound Biometrist

Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO)



General Eye Examination

Vision Testing (Snellen, ETDRS, LogMAR) Ocular Motility and Strabismus testing Confrontational Fields Color/Contrast vision testing Cursory Identification of pathology Pupillary assessments History Taking (systemic and ophthalmic)

Manual Refractometry

Plus and Minus cylinder, Manual and electronic instrument platforms, Pre/post operative for refractive surgery, General Rx updates and Rx refinement, Difficult pathologies, such as keratoconus, adjustments for "monovision" and determination of reading ADD


Managed patient flow and designated priority allocation of machinery and testing on busy days

Slit Lamp Examination

Cursory examination of external structures Examination of corneal surface Examination of 'angles' and anterior chamber Lid margin examinations Post operative assessment of LASIK flaps (cursory)

Ocular Tonometry

Goldman Applanation Tonomerty with slit lamp Various pathologies applanated Tonopen, or other handheld derivatives Non-contact tonometry (not-prefered)

Ophthalmic Photography/Misc

Non-mydriatic fundus photography DIOPSYS VEP and ERG testing Optos Optomap RAPDx Tear-lab test for tear osmolarity

Technician Training

Trained new technicians and intern staff in machinery and basic skills.  Some technicians trained further with me into more advanced skills such as refraction.

Minor Surgical Procedure Assisting

Assisted in YAG laser procedures

Contact Lens related skills

dispensing bandage CL care proper fitting

Electronic Medical/Health Records

I am extremely computer savy.  EMR integration is virtually instant for me on all modern systems.

Ophthalmic Medical Coding

Studying for OCS certification CPT codes and allowed (covered) testing ICD-10 implementation  

Occular Emergency Triage

High IOP on checkup (>30 mmHg) Acute angle closure glaucoma Corneal Foreign bodies Chemical irritants in eyes

Patient Education (Surgical)

Explanations for cataracts and the goals of cataract surgery Explanations for other refractive surgeries

Patient Education (Pathology)

Basic descriptions of conditions within my scope of practice.  Suggested questions for ophthalmologist to patients. Detailed LASIK expectations

Instillation of Ocular Medications

Dilated Fundus Examination

Basic ophthalmoscopy with ophthalmoscope


primarily for verification of Rx loose lens and phoropter

Lensometry (automated and manual)

Specular Endothelial Micrography (automated)

Visual Feild Testing

Zeiss/Humphry Field analyzer FDT

Corneal Imaging

Experience with: NIDEK auto refractors/ corneal topographers AMO WaveScan WaveFront System Zeiss ATLAS Corneal topographer Oculus Pentacam i-Optics Cassini manual keratometry AMO WaveScan

Ophthalmic Biometry

Ziess IOL Master (expert) Ultrasound pachymetry for CCT Immersion Ultrasound A-scan Ultrasound B-scan (intermediate experience) Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM) for anterior segment imaging

Optical Coherence Tomography

Experience with: Zeiss Cirrus OCT 400/4000/5000 Zeiss Visante Anterior Segment OCT Heildberg Spectralis OCT Optovue Avanti RTVue OCT    


Some experience with this field Assisted in tissue biopsy collection Assisted in chalazion removal Assisted in ptosis repair testing with visual fields.

Additional Skills

  • Network and IT support
  • Webdesign/graphics (javascript, python)
  • hardware integration (Intel ACPI AML coding)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Targeted Marketing Solutions
  • Letter writing and dictation
  • Data manipulation and statistics
  • Report compilation
  • Office Software proficiency
  • Versed in Windows and Macintosh systems.
  • Reading speed: >500wpm  Typing Speed: ~70wpm

Language Skills

Fluent in English and Armenian; Conversational Proficiency in French and Russian


  • Reading: News, Fiction, Non Fiction
  • Film
  • Computer Engineering
  • Tennis, Swimming, Skiing