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Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2011 - Present

Principal Consultant

Plannnga From Nanninga

Use a proprietary approach built on a lifetime of experience in strategic planning, marketing and finance to solve problems for clients.   Stopped a company from moving down a path where they were unprepared for the consequences.  Presented Asian company with the potential in a venture in the US.  Helped a US firm understand the dimensions of price image for a retail division.  Showed firms in the media and arts see how to position themselves.  Produce world recognized books and blog on strategic planning issues.  For more info, visit

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Dec 2003 - May 2011

VP, Corporate Planning & Analysis

Reported to CEO of this retail holding company.  Brought in to bring sophisticated planning and analysis to the corporation and its divisions.  Key player in all major strategic and financial activity taken by RVI. Was a much sought after leader/member of cross functional teams to improve strategic and operational performance. Go-to person for special projects (internal consultant).  Managed the corporate budgeting department and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) function; monitored divisional/department performance versus budget; managed financial modeling and analysis for decision-making. 

During tenure, company moved from a loss to a net profit, with stock price up 400% and cash flow up more than 500%.

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May 2003 - Dec 2003

Independent Strategy Consultant

Retail Masters, LLC

Consulted with top retail executives on strategy and business planning issues.  Clients included Tweeter ($.75 Bil. high-end electronics retailer, 175 stores at time of consulting).  Specialized in developing a consumer research foundation for creation of revised Tweeter strategy.    

The new prototype, based on the revised strategy, proved successful and out-performed the rest of the company.

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Aug 1998 - Mar 2003

VP, Strategic Planning

Was brought in to help Best Buy position for the future once its cash flow position was stabilized.  Successfully created and managed the corporate strategic planning process that restructured Best Buy from a one-business firm to a multi-business portfolio.  Managed multiple departments (including Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis and Testing & Control), a staff of 12, and oversaw annual budget of approximately $10 mil.  Was in high demand as a partner for cross-functional projects, a thought-leader whose opinion was sought throughout the organization, and a popular public speaker.  Managed engagements with outside consultants.

Contributed to making Best Buy the largest and most profitable retailer in its segment.  During time at Best Buy, sales increased approximately 150% and net income increased by approximately 275%. 

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Jan 1990 - Aug 1998

Director of Strategic Planning

Managed the strategic planning process for Supervalu and its divisions.    Managed the Corporate Strategic Planning Department.    Was a major contributor to the $ 1.1 billion acquisition and assimilation of Wetterau, which increased Supervalu’s sales by over 50%.

During time at Supervalu, sales increased approximately 72%.  Contributed to making Supervalu the largest food wholesaler/retailer in the US, with profits larger than its next six competitors combined. 

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Oct 1979 - Jan 1990

Variety of Management Positions

Repositioned various departments (Apparel, Books).Created new departments (Dental Centers). Created new formats (Twin Valu supercenter concept, used by Sam Walton as a guide in forming Wal-Mart Supercenters).Developed repositioning for entire chain.

Restructured the Shopko print advertising program, which improved sales while lowering costs.Consumer research projects included consumer segmentation and studies of market shares and image ratings.

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