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Gerald Lushington operates Lushington in Silico, a consulting service specializing in simulations, informatics and graphical analysis for pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.  To date, we have served more than a dozen clients from the corporate and academic communities and have produced studies leading to novel technologies that are currently in the patent application stage.  We are seeking interesting and challenging collaboration opportunities with biologists, chemists and engineers.


A theoretical chemist living in Lawrence, Kansas, Dr. Gerald Lushington has provided his expertise to the federal government as well as to the University of Kansas. While working for the federal government, he applied computational chemistry and materials science to defense-related issues, but at the University of Kansas, he turned his attention to biomedical sciences and served as the Director of multiple laboratories. Specifically, Dr. Gerald Lushington worked for the federal government as a Research Associate at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and as a Scientific Specialist at the Ohio Supercomputer Center. At the University of Kansas, he directed laboratories associated with the school’s Center of Excellence for Chemical Methodology, Specialized Chemistry Center, Kansas IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence, and the Molecular Graphics and Modeling Laboratory. Dr. Gerry Lushington also directed a lab related to a Wichita State University program titled The Aging Pituitary/Gonadal Axis.Dr. Gerald Lushington’s work for the federal government and the University of Kansas spans the years from 1997 to 2012. He was a student prior to 1997 at the University of New Brunswick, where he performed all of his higher education, including undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral studies. In 1991, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics, graduating with honors, and in 1996, he earned a Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry. As a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Gerry Lushington studied chemical physics and assembled a suite of software that could compute the magnetic properties of molecules.In his latest venture, starting in July 2012, Dr. Gerald Lushington has started his own consulting company, Lushington in Silico. Currently working with eight clients, Dr. Gerry Lushington provides services that include modeling, data analysis, simulation, technical writing, project management, and other information technology services.

Work experience

Jul 2012Present


Lushington in Silico

Lushington in Silico is a private consulting service operated by Dr. Gerald Lushington, providing an array of computational science analyses and technical writing services to pharmaceutical, biotech and academic researchers.  These services include molecular modeling (classical and quantum mechanical structure prediction, molecular docking), chemical informatics (QSAR, chemical diversity analysis), bioinformatics (pharmaceutical target discovery and validation, biochemical pathway analysis), technical writing and custom programming (Python, C, Fortran).  Our services have played key roles in phase II and phase III clinical trial studies, as well as in the development of novel intellectual property for which expedite patent applications have emerged.


Jan 1991Jan 1996


University of New Brunswick


System administration
Linux/Irix/AIX:  workstation, cluster & server administration, including system configuration, accounts, security, resource scheduling, software installation/customization/upgrades   Windows:  workstation administration, including systems configuration, accounts, security, software installation
Fortran, Python, C, Javascript, Perl, CSH/BASH scripting   Familiarity with Oracle, MySQL
chemical informatics
QSAR, chemical diversity/similarity, toxicity & ADME prediction, HTS data mining
molecular modeling
molecular docking, molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry