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A highly skilled, creative marketing professional with exceptionally broad experience in executing integrated marketing communications programs and their strategy, planning, and under-girding research.

Career highlights include executive stints at large multi-national and domestic ad agencies, the number two position at a "Top Fifty" market research company, co-ownership of an integrated marketing communications firm, and ownership of a marketing consulting firm.

A seasoned marketing executive with highly developed skills in meeting goals via problem identification/solution, analysis/synthesis, developing and executing marketing strategies and plans, and leading teams. Expertise in the consumer products, business-to-business, ad agency, and not-for-profit sectors. Outstanding writer and speaker.

Work experience

Corporate Senior Vice President

  • Director of Business Development and Secretary to the Board of Directors for this multinational ad agency, the #1 business-to-business advertising agency in the world.
  • Reported to the President/CEO of the 18th largest agency in the world.
  • Previously: Regional Director of Marketing Planning & Research with responsibilities in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, and LA. Clients served included: American National Bank, Jim Beam Bourbon, Beatrice Foods, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Chicago Tribune, Culligan Water, Fisher Controls, RT French, Flying Tigers, IDS American Express, Jays Foods, King Soopers, Pittsburgh Brewing, Perkins Family Restaurants, and more.
  • Previously: Vice President, Director of Research, Chicago office. Member of the Creative Review Board, Strategy Review Board, and Operating Committee. Hired, trained, directed, and managed the six-person research department, a profit center that met or exceeded its goals during this period.

Director of Marketing/Marketing Consulting

Blackman Kallick Bartlestein
  •       Executed marketing strategy, planning and research projects for BKB clients--averaging $250,000 in revenues each year.
  •   Planned and executed BKB’s first professional integrated marketing program.
  • Creatively employed marketing research, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and marketing public relations to increase sales 10% a year.
  • Executed the first business-to-business advertising program for BKB (and for any Chicago accounting firm) and established a new corporate identity/brand following a merger.
  •       Published a monthly magazine for clients and personally wrote the marketing column.

Co-Founder, Director of Client Services

  •             Senior client officer at this multiple award-winning integrated communications agency that created advertising, public relations, direct response, sales promotion, and communications design programs and executed the marketing research, which supported their strategic creation. 
  •             Grew to $20MM in billings and 23 employees in four years.
  •             Director of Client and Marketing Services, serving DeMert & Doherty, 1st Source Bank, Gorman Publishing, The Habitat Company, Hewitt Associates, MobileVision (Div. of Ameritech), NordicTrack, Pakula Fashion Jewelry, Smart Jewelers and others.
  • Responsible for client service, marketing strategy, marketing planning, marketing research and new business development.


Kapuler Marketing Research
  • #2 executive in this "Top-Fifty" market research firm.
  • In addition to corporate marketing/sales responsibilities, managed two client service groups that served SBC/Ameritech, BP/Amoco, S. C. Johnson, Miller Brewing, and others.
  • Stabilized the business, provided needed senior management leadership and expanded the firm's capabilities by offering qualitative research.
Jan 1994Present


Gerald Linda & Associates
  • With a special expertise in marketing communications and research, this general marketing consultancy aids clients with program execution, marketing strategy and planning, Brand Personality, new product development, marketing research and Interim Marketing Leadership services.
  • We attract and maintain clients while designing and executing more than 40 marketing projects per year, generating an average $500,000 in revenue.
  • GL&A has profitably operated for 17 years. And we successfully serve a wide array of marketers by strategizing, planning, and excuting marketing programs, via qualitative and quantitative research services and ithe provision of interim marketing leadership activities.
  • Special market niches include advertising/PR agencies, not-for-profit institutions and the toy industry.
  • We Add Fuel to Your Marketing Engine(TM).


BS in Business Administration


Candidate in Philosophy

University of Michigan

Marketing Strategy


Former marketing academician (not sure you'll agree leading classes is a good skill in a trainer, but my student ratings were high). Regular guest lecturer: Columbia College, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Medill School of Journalism, Vanderbilt Graduate School of Business. As Senior VP at  a global ad agency was responsible for training entire company in new strategy system--did this in US (several cities), Canada, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. Regular member of the American Marketing Association's School for Marketing Research for professionals. Member of the American Management Association's marketing faculty.
Speeches, Presentations, White Papers
Wrote keynote and other speeches (delivered personally or by clients)  at dozens of trade shows, conferences and meetings. Crafted (and delivered) all or parts of new business presentations for ad agencies that have led to over a hundred million dollars in billings. Authored white papers on a variety of marketing topics--for GL&A and clients. Prepared dozens of articles for academic, professional and trade media. And even co-authored two books--MORE Guerrilla Marketing Research (November 2009) and LEADING EDGE MARKETING RESEARCH: 21st Century Tools and Practices (November 2011) What do you need written?
Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is more complicated than simple repeat sales; your customers may leave you in a flash as soon as they discover a more convenient or lower priced option. To understand satisfaction it must be a directly assesed via research. However, customer satisfaction is MORE than the answer to a scaled qustion: how satisfied were you . . . It is in fact a post-consumption evaluation of performance in comparison to expectations as modified by affect. (That's why you need an expert.) We have years of experience in assessing customer satisfaction the right way--including annual studies and even monthly assessments.
Press Releases
Developed the press/publicity  program that culminated in a client winning 50+ awards for product excellence! ( Achieved pick-ups for a home developer in a real estate market deep in the doldrums. Used publicity alone to help launch a new company and sell over 2 million units--around the word-- in less than four years. Check out sample releases in the portfolio.
Marketing Planning
A marketing plan has to fit the organization and the culture otherwise it will end up as a big (or small) document on a shelf w/o ever being referred to. Wrote the plan that won an award w/in Monsanto as best plan of the year. Wrote a plan over a weekend that a restaurant client "savored" and, not incidentally, helped win a $10MM account. Developed the marketing planning system employed by one of the most prestigous multiple site musem organizations in the US. BEWARE, lest you act like those, who, having lost site of their goals, redoubled their efforts.
Marketing Research
Outstanding academic preparation in the marketing doctoral program at the University of Michigan. Exceptional career including stints as Research Director at a top agency and as the #2 executive in a "Top Fifty" marketing research firm. Author of dozens of papers in reviewed journals and articles in trade publications. Presenter at over 100 conferences and meetings. Co-author of MORE Guerrill Marketing Research published September, 2009, Kogan Page. Co-editor of LEADING EDGE MARKETING RESEARCH :21st Century Tools and Practices, 2011, Sage Publishing.
Marketing Strategy
Put what ideas into whose head vs.what competition with what effect. Easy to say, harder to do because it takes experience and creativity to do it well. A good strategy can only be determined when it is compared to other alternatives. BEWARE the counselor who presents just one strategy!