Gerald Bagg has over 30 years of experience in advertising and is best known for his introduction of the Brand Response approach to advertising campaigns. He has been CEO of Quigley-Simpson for a decade. The Brand Response marketing model is responsible for contributing to the unique positioning of Quigley-Simpson as one of the foremost strategically driven and independent advertising agencies in the Untied States. Gerald Bagg is acknowledged in the advertising industry as a visionary who generates measurable growth and increases wide-spread brand equity for clients. Founded in 2002, Quigley-Simpson continues to grow under the Bagg’s leadership. Serving such high-profile clients as JP Morgan Chase, Procter & Gamble, and Allstate, the company uses an array of multimedia approaches to provide breakthrough advertising approaches for its clients. Using television, direct mail, mobile advertising, radio, social media, search engine marketing, and other methods, the Brand Response approach aims to create interactive, one-to-one relationships with clients to ensure maximum return on investment. During the past ten years under Gerald Bagg’s direction, Quigley-Simpson has received many awards from the marketing and communication world, including Tellys, MarCom Gold Awards, and Ava International Awards. Focusing efforts to serve each client with unique groundbreaking campaigns, Brand Response marketing takes into account strategic issues, creative approaches, and media plans and executions aimed at generating results. Gerald Bagg is one of the leading voices in brand awareness advertising and is often seen on public speaking tours.                           

Work experience

Work experience
2002 - Present


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