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Professional Organizations

International Writers and Artists Association, Siam Society


Fitness, Reading, Swimming, Classical Music & Culture


An alumnus of two universities on two continents, Georg Reiff maintains a solid reputation as a charismatic, knowledgeable scholar and world peace advocate. For the past ten years, George Reiff has committed to improving relations between countries around the world. A former Peace Ambassador for the Parlement Mondial, George Reiff played a key role in relaying the organization’s mission to new countries till 2010. In the short time he has been with the Parlement Mondial, Georg Reiff has traveled to Gambia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Cambodia to broach topics like peace, safety, and cultural affairs.

Possessing an inherent curiosity about the world around him, Georg Reiff’s work for the global community extends far outside of his former endeavors with the Parlement Mondial. George Reiff is active in the upholding of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through his role as previous Internet Director for the International Writers Association. Additionally, Georg Reiff generously works with NGOs and IGOs to date for a united Europe and an ever more united world for the people.

Georg Reiff is the recipient of numerous awards, including the German Federal President’s Certificate of Honor.

Georg Reiff, a resident of South East Asia, enjoys swimming, reading, and listening to classical music in his spare time.