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Work History

Oct 2004Dec 2015

Software Developer & Blogger


iOS & Android apps, RFID systems, web development, social media integration software, retail POS, systems integration, image processing and recognition, banking applications & data mining, custom ERP applications, digital pen & paper, mobile applications.

Nov 2007May 2013


Tetrahedron Ltd

Teams and project management.


2007-2009, Technical Director .

2007-2013, Art & Technical Director  in Games2Gaze, video games BU.

Jul 2005Apr 2007

Senior Software Developer


Design of multiplayer systems for mobiles, web and desktop.
In-house research and development.

Nov 2004Jun 2005

Software Developer

Invensys Ltd

Custom ERP applications and Car rental software development.
2D GIS visualizations and Data projection.

Mar 1999Oct 2004

Software Engineer

Singular SA

Research and Development of Hardware and Software.
National Highways Toll Management System development and installation.

R&D Manager (2001-2004) in Singular Retail Business SA

Retail products development (Back & front office).
New technologies integration to production.

Apr 1998Feb 1999


Rhesos Ltd

Software tools for company's GIS software.
Database integration services for graphical representation.

Sep 1996Mar 1998


Private IT schools

IT instructor incl. Image processing, Office tools and relevant skills.



B.Sc(Hons) in Computer Science

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Second Class Honours (Upper Division), Best Student Award (1996)


2008-2016 / Founding Member of Hellenic Game Developers Association/HGDA (2008), Board Secretary (2009-2011), Deputy Board Secretary (2013-2015).

2006-2010 / Founding member of the BCS Hellenic Section (2006), Board Member (2009-2010).

2004-2015 / Member of the Professional Chamber of Piraeus, Greece.

Teams and Start-ups

FuzzGroup - User experiences company, 2014 -2015.

localito - start-up team, 2014 -now. - start-up team, 2013 -now.

iAgones - smartphone apps team, 2012 -now.

The Ted Reglis apps - smartphone apps team, 2012.

playopticons - smartphone video games team, 2012 -now.

InGamious - smartphone video games team, 2011 -now.

Chromospheres - smartphone apps team, 2011.

Rotten Fish - video game development team, 2010 -now.

TCF games - mobile video games team, 2006-2008.

Ge.Mi. games on the road - mobile video games team, 2004-2006.


Video games

P.I.G.S., iOS/Android video game

CrimeCity, Windows video game

Alien Virus Attack, mobile video game

FirePower v1, mobile video game