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Georgia Woolley

Sales Advisor                                                   Art (Fashion & Textiles) Student


Personal Statement:

I am a reliable and well disciplined individual with the ability to work well on my own initiative as well as performing very efficiently within a team. I seek a challenging position that will enable me to capitalise on my work experience,  expand my knowledge and offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. I feel my customer service skills are excellent and I possess a positive attitude in a workplace. I am a current part time sales advisor as well as a college student studying at Pendleton College therefore available to work part time; on week evenings and all weekend.


Work History

October 2015Present

Current Career - Sales Advisor

H&M Shopping store, 68-70 Market Street, Manchester, M1 1PN. 0344 736 9000

As a sales advisor, working at the heart of a fast paced fashion retail industry I have had the opportunity to constantly observe myself. I was able to highlight my personal weaknesses and use my natural strengths as a pivot to improve them.
One major skill I have gained in this industry was the ability to listen to customers and then suggest ideas and products based on what they have told me.

On a daily basis i will:
- Process a delivery making sure it gets done in the time frame its given
- Clear the delivery onto the shop floor
- Working on the tills giving a good customer experience
- Working in the fitting rooms being aware for security purposes
- Greeting and helping customers find what they are looking for on the shop floor.
- Tidying making sure everything looks appealing for the customers (Standards and Garment Care)

The most enjoyable part is the work load. There is always something to keep you busy and i enjoy being giving tasks.
I also enjoy communicating with customers, helping them getting there opinions and ensuring they've received the best service in the store.

Feb 2014Feb 2014

Work Experience

North Walkden Primary School, Whittle Dr, Manchester M28 3QD 01204 571039

Assistant teacher, work experience

I would like to mention the satisfying experience I have had with North Walkden Primary School as I helped there as a teaching assistant in February 2014. I was at the Primary school working with children from the ages four to ten for a whole week every day. Even though I am aware this work experience is not related to retail work itself, I believe working there gave me a strong kick start of knowing what it is like in a fast paced working environment. I was challenged to work as a team yet also had to use my intuitive and think for myself. I do believe it helped me gain my confidence and communication skills.



Other information and personal interests

I am a creative, adaptable and bright individual with an excellent eye for detail and design. A huge interest of mine is fashion and basically anything creative as to why I chose the Art and Design course at my college, which I enjoy very much. I'm enjoying myself most when attending live music events with my friends or clothes shopping.

I have an interest in visiting new countries, a dream of mine is to travel the world, I would love to experience different cultures.

I like to keep fit ensuring I go to the gym a few times per week and enjoy a relaxing day in the Sauna and Hydro- therapy pool to put my mind at ease.