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Video and audio transcriber
George Wong can transcribe audio and video speech recorded in digital formats such as Mp3 or Wav into accurate word text. He has transcribed several hours of:   Podcast Radio news TV Documentaries News reports Financial Reports Thesis and dissertation interviews Investigative reports Market research discussions Skype calls Youtube Videos George Wong's  typing services come highly recommended.


  • Digital SEO and Website promotion
  • Astronomy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Food
  • Travel and trekking

Work experience

Project Manager

George Wong worked as a senior transcriptionist. A part of the job involved transcribing audio interviews,business meetings,financial reports,sermons,market research discussion and online conference calls such as from Skype.

Main responsibilities:

  • Ensuring transcripts were delivered on time.
  • Maintaining a minimum accuracy level of 99.50 percent.
  • Acquiring new clients from Chicago and NY City region.
  • Digital Marketing of Company's website to promote specific services.
  • Collaborating with offshore transcribers for timely work completion.
  • Implementing 2T model of proofreading solution.
  • Hardware up-gradation.
  • Ensuring low attrition rate of employees.
  • Maintaining high employee satisfaction at workplace.

Innovative projects:

George Wong innovated the 2T model of transcription. Under this process, the draft transcripts were to be reviewed by 2 other employees who will proofread the work and eliminate spelling errors, unnecessary punctuation marks, correct spacing and put proper paragraphs in place. 

Earlier the draft work was reviewed by the person who typed the spoken speech. By adopting the 2T model, the accuracy of the scripts was improved to 99.50 percent. George Wong also worked out a formula for allotting the work to transcribers in such a way that the companys overall productivity did not get affected. The formulation is currently under use by alltranscript in day to day office activities.