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Work experience

Jan 1981Present


Zara Realty Holding Corp.


Hofstra University


Guyana Watch Medical Outreach Team


Since becoming a successful business owner in the United States, George Subraj has increased his efforts to provide philanthropic support to the people of his native Guyana. In 1992, George Subraj became a member of the Guyana Watch medical outreach team, and since 2008, he has been funding supply and resource donations to various organizations throughout the country. While going to school in Guyana, George Subraj held a number of jobs as a farmer, miller, mechanic, and grocery store employee. He immigrated to New York City to take a job as an electronics salesman, holding the position for several years. George Subraj built his wealth as the President of Zara Realty Holding Group, which he founded in 1981 after purchasing his first apartment complex in Jamaica, Queens. He continued to acquire new properties over the years, while maintaining high tenant retention rates throughout his buildings. In 2008, George Subraj helped fund the first kidney transplant to occur in Guyana. That same year, he donated wheelchairs to citizens with disabilities in the country, and he provided wheelchairs and medical supplies to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in the country's capital city. Subraj supplied the Saraswati Vidya Niketan Secondary School in Guyana with a state-of-the-art computer training center, and in 2010, he sponsored a team of surgeons and pediatricians in the country as they began performing heart surgery procedures on children in need. Today, Zara Realty owns dozens of rental properties and employs several of George Subraj's family members. He continues to serve as President of the company while seeking new philanthropic efforts that can benefit his native country.

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