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University of California

George So Colgate


Teaching, Education, Tutoring, SAT Tutoring, ACT Tutoring, Academics, English


With a career in teaching and education, George So Colgate recently served as a tutor for AJ Tutoring of Palo Alto, California. In this position, he helps prepare students to take the ACT, PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, and various academic courses. As a tutor, Mr. So creates a customized program of study for each student, offering a balance of subjects that includes reading, math, and writing. George So Colgate has developed programs to meet the needs of students from advanced educational backgrounds, as well as those who may be struggling and require extra time and teaching.

Concurrent with this position, George So Colgate developed videos and documents for Wildfire Interactive, Inc., located in Redwood City, California. In his role as Customer Experience Specialist, Mr. So worked with small business clients to put together effective social media marketing campaigns that could increase brand awareness and fan loyalty. He also assisted in training new employees and functioned in an administrative capacity, answering dozens of e-mails and phone calls each day.

From August 2010 to May 2011, George So Colgate performed the duties of Teacher at Eastside College Preparatory School, located in East Palo Alto, California. In addition to instructing high school students in subjects like math, English, and algebra, Mr. So liaised with recent graduates to ensure their continued academic success. At Eastside College Prep, George So Colgate developed curricula for one math and one English class, as well as three SAT classes. During this process, he generated and managed unique SAT training material for the students at Eastside.

In 2011, George So Colgate received his Master of Arts from the University of California, Davis, also earning his cross-cultural, language, and academic development (CLAD) certification. During 2009 and 2010, Mr. So attended the University of California, Davis, with a focus on teaching. After passing the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET), he received certification to teach general science, chemistry, biology, and English.

As a student at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, George So Colgate studied English, biology and pre-med, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2009. While attending Colgate, Mr. So volunteered in the college’s Let’s Get Ready program, which provides free counseling and SAT tutoring to high school students on all grade levels. George So Colgate also gave his time to the admissions office, serving as a greeter and tour guide.