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George Otto Pappas dedicates his professional and personal time to a number of pursuits aimed at helping others in the Vancouver area. As Lead Legal Assistant for the Legal Services Society, he meets with clients who are in need of an attorney but are without the means to pay for the services of one. Mr. Pappas determines clients’ eligibility for services based on criteria such as income and household size, and for some legal categories, available assets as well.Outside of work, Mr. Pappas is involved with not-for-profit organizations. One group in which he is actively involved works to raise funds to benefit people without housing on the lower east side of Vancouver. In addition to his efforts at the local level, George Otto Pappas also sits on the board of an international not-for-profit group.George Otto Pappas is an active member of his church, participating in many of its events. He feels strongly about his religion and sharing his beliefs with others. Accordingly, Mr. Pappas’ plans for his life after retirement include working as a missionary, a pursuit that will also allow him to indulge his love of traveling.Taking his commitment to helping others to a more personal level, Mr. Pappas currently serves as an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. As a sponsor, he provides support to his colleague, giving the colleague a person to whom to turn with questions, problems, and doubts. George Otto Pappas also encourages his charge to attend group meetings for additional support and to work through the group’s twelve-step program for increased chances of maintaining long-term sobriety.

Work experience

Feb 2002Present

Lead Legal Assistant

Legal Services Society

Legal support for those who cannot afford it. I meet with clients to assess needs and ascertain how we can help them. I concentrated on; civil, family law, tax & real estate issues.


Aug 1987


University of Alberta