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Hematology & Medical oncology
During my four post-doctoral fellowships, I evaluated and was involved in the process of enrolling patients with hematological malignancies on experimental compounds protocols. My astonishment at the cruelty of aggressive diseases elicited my interest in understanding how molecules become active therapies in the clinic. I worked in the HLA laboratory and was also involved as a co-primary investigator in a study protocol to examine outcomes of patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma who received darbepoeitin and epoeitin. I was involved from concept design to protocol development, as well as following through the vetting process in various committees. I thus appreciate the laborious challenges dealing with various committees. At the end of my fellowship in hematology and oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, I plan to carry on and practice my clinical and research skills and to fulfill my duties as a clinician. I intend to collaborate with other investigators on clinical trials and would examine newly approved. During my fellowships, I examined patients that were enrolled in phase I, II or III trials. I have diligently worked alongside my mentors to report research with clinical or translational aspects, such as the first series on the outcome of patients with renal failure receiving hypomethylating agents, the long follow up of a 10 year phase II study on ABVD and interferon in frontline Hodgkin’s disease, or HLA typing of the largest series of patients with inflammatory breast cancer to elucidate its related pathophysiology to the EBV virus. These projects prompted my appreciation of how patient-related and tumor-related factors may affect drug efficacy. Reflecting upon those experiences triggered my curiosity in the issue of implementing more effective personalized medicine of the cancer treatment that we administer. At the moment, I am preparing myself to pursue my true vocation, to establish myself as a hematologist and medical oncologist.

Work experience

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Roswell Park Cancer Institute
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Clinical Hematology Fellowship

State University of New York at Buffalo
Jul 2010Dec 2011

Clinical Oncology Fellowship

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Jul 2009Jun 2010

Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine/Pathology

University of Texas M D Anderson Cancer Center
Jul 2008Jun 2009

Clinical leukemia fellowship

University of Texas M D Anderson Cancer Center


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Hematology and medical oncology

State University of New York
Jan 2012Dec 2012

Medical Education/Training

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
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Lebanese University