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An experienced business consultant and negotiator based in New Jersey, George Hasenberg offers expert advice and decisive strategies. When he takes time away from work, George Hasenberg enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, biking, and fishing.Fishing is a great leisure activity for individuals and families of all ages. Several things are important for new fishermen to learn. This includes learning proper fishing techniques, the best times to fish, and the best hooks to use. Depending on the type of fish, the best seasons for fishing vary due to water temperature ranges. However, across spring, summer, and fall fishing seasons, the best times to fish are from the early afternoon to the early evening.Once a fisherman determines the best temperatures and times to find the desired fish, he or she determines the hook sizes and sinker types to use. Small hooks present the bait in a more natural way. Additionally, small hooks penetrate faster when the fish strikes. Sinkers either attach to the line or slide. Sliding sinkers allow the line to pass through the weight, while attached sinkers move with the line. Most experts advise using the lightest sinker possible.


George Hasenberg, horticultural therapy

George Hasenberg

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Senior Consultant and Negotiator

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Aug 1976May 1980


Rutgers University