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Work experience

May 2004Present

Technical Training Manager

  • Manage all activities involved in the design, delivery and needs assessment training for technical employees
  • Develop training curriculum and secure vendors to provide training in installation procedures, troubleshooting in the headend, coaxial cable plant, fiber optics and other associated aspects of the entire HFC system.
  • Work with the General Managers to standardize procedures and ensure the training is conducted in all regions.
  • Collaborate with IT to develop web based training.
  • Evaluate software solutions for workforce management.
  • Collaborate with the Customer Service Training Manager to train field personnel in customer service/interaction skills and provide assistance in technical training for CSRs.
  • Develop Midcontinent’s First Time Right certification program for installation and service technicians.
  • Develop and manage the Quality Assurance program and tracking of work orders completed by field technicians.
  • Provide business intelligence to executive team to aid in strategic decision making.
  • Support and direct the seven Technical Trainers for the company.
  • Manage a $500,000 capital budget, including planning and purchasing of all meters.
May 2002May 2004

System Manager

  • Supervised the Technical staff and Customer Service employees.
  • Managed the day to day operations including installations, service calls and making sure the integrity of the Mitchell HFC system is maintained at the highest of standards.
  • Design and conducted technical and safety training for the Mitchell staff.
Nov 2000May 2002

Company Engineer

  • Filed FCC POP reports, ordered equipment, organized channel additions, assisted in HFC Telephony system setup/activation.
  • Assisted with setting up and operating the status monitoring system, troubleshooting all aspects of the HFC plant and headend and operating the NetMentor status monitoring system.
  • Splicing of optical cables and activation of nodes.
Sep 1996May 2000

State Technical Manager

Galaxy Cablevision
  • Supervised all Lead Technicians, Service Technicians and Installers.
  • Managed day to day operations, employee training, the capital budget, some of the operating budget, insure proper operation of all headends and HFC distribution systems.
  • Assigned to Iowa from 1996 to 1997 and Nebraska from 1998 to 2000.
Jun 1994Dec 1996

Lead Technician

Galaxy Cablevision
  • Lead Technician for North Nebraska Region.
  • Responsible for the supervision, technical support and training of the Service Technician staff (6).
  • Headend and distribution maintenance.
Jun 1993Jun 1994

Systems Technician

Vantage Cable Associates
  • Responsible for all daily operations, installs, disconnects, FCC proofs in five Cable TV systems in N.E. Nebraska.
  • Provided technical support and training for three Install Technicians.(Vantage was purchased by Galaxy Cablevision)
Mar 1993Jun 1993

Local Service Representative

Midco Cable Co.
  • Responsible for maintenance of headends and systems, installations, disconnects, CLI, FCC proofs, all service calls and public relations.
Jun 1983Jun 1986

Systems Manager

AA Cablevision
  • System Manager for Genoa, Newman Grove, St Edward, Cedar Rapids and Silver Creek , NE.
  • I was the only technical employee.Responsible for everything, headends, system maintenance, ordering of materials, installations, disconnects, CLI, all service calls and public relations.(AA Cablevision was purchased by Midco Cable).


Ward Webb

Jack M. Dixon III

Richard Bush

Jerry Steever

Matt Dainauski

Pat McAdaragh

Todd Curtis


Currently Enrolled - NCTI - Introduction to Business

October 2008 - SCTE - Train the Trainer Seminar

February 2008 - NCTI - Principals of Management

June 2008 - Arapahoe College - Broadband Technical Management Certification

July 2008 - SCTE - Broadband Premise Technician Certified

September 2007 - SCTE - Broadband Premise Specialist Certified

November 2007 - SCTE - Digital Basics & DOCSIS Seminar

January 2006 -  NCTI - Understanding Voice and Data Networks

July 2006 - NCTI - Effective Supervision

February 2005 - NCTI - VoIP Installation and Repair course

February 2004 - NCTI - Advance Technician Course

April 2004 - NCTI - Return Path Operations course

June 2003 - NCTI - Fiber Optic Technician Course

March 2002 - Thomas & Betts - Bonding & Grounding Seminar

March 2002 - Bismarck State College - Pole Climbing Safety-Certified

April 2002 - Midcontinent- Internet Installation & Troubleshooting Training-Certified

December 2002 - NCTI - System Technician Course

January 2001 - ADC - Homeworx HFC Telephony-Certificate of Completion

January 2001 - ACTERNA- Status Monitoring Training-Certificate of Completion

March 1999 - SCTE - Broadband Technology-Certificate of Achievement

January 1999 - General Instruments - HITS Digital Headend Training-Certificate of Achievement

March 1998 - SCTE - Data Technology-Certificate of Achievement

August 1997 - SkillPath - Coaching & Teambuilding Skills Seminar

September 1995 - ICS - Basic Electronics 2 year course

October 1993 - SCTE - Installer Certification

September 1992 - NCTI - Service Technician Course

August 1991 - NCTI - Installer Technician Course-completed

February 1990 - NCTI - Installer Course-completed


2008 - National SCTE Panel, Broadband Premise Expert Certification Exam

2003 -2007 - Secretary, DakotaTerritories Chapter

2001-2003 - Vice President of Training, DakotaTerritories Chapter

2001- 2008 - SCTE Dakota Territories Chapter Board member

1998 -2000 - SCTE Great Plains Chapter Board member

1992 - 2008 - National SCTE Member