George Bosak

George Bosak

Work experience

Work experience
May 2004 - Present

Technical Training Manager
  • Manage all activities involved in the design, delivery and needs assessment training for technical employees
  • Develop training curriculum and secure vendors to provide training in installation procedures, troubleshooting in the headend, coaxial cable plant, fiber optics and other associated aspects of the entire HFC system.
  • Work with the General Managers to standardize procedures and ensure the training is conducted in all regions.
  • Collaborate with IT to develop web based training.
  • Evaluate software solutions for workforce management.
  • Collaborate with the Customer Service Training Manager to train field personnel in customer service/interaction skills and provide assistance in technical training for CSRs.
  • Develop Midcontinent‚Äôs First Time Right certification program for installation and service technicians.
  • Develop and manage the Quality Assurance program and tracking of work orders completed by field technicians.
  • Provide business intelligence to executive team to aid in strategic decision making.
  • Support and direct the seven Technical Trainers for the company.
  • Manage a $500,000 capital budget, including planning and purchasing of all meters.
May 2002 - May 2004

System Manager
  • Supervised the Technical staff and Customer Service employees.
  • Managed the day to day operations including installations, service calls and making sure the integrity of the Mitchell HFC system is maintained at the highest of standards.
  • Design and conducted technical and safety training for the Mitchell staff.
Nov 2000 - May 2002

Company Engineer

  • Filed FCC POP reports, ordered equipment, organized channel additions, assisted in HFC Telephony system setup/activation.
  • Assisted with setting up and operating the status monitoring system, troubleshooting all aspects of the HFC plant and headend and operating the NetMentor status monitoring system.
  • Splicing of optical cables and activation of nodes.
Sep 1996 - May 2000

State Technical Manager

Galaxy Cablevision
  • Supervised all Lead Technicians, Service Technicians and Installers.
  • Managed day to day operations, employee training, the capital budget, some of the operating budget, insure proper operation of all headends and HFC distribution systems.
  • Assigned to Iowa from 1996 to 1997 and Nebraska from 1998 to 2000.
Jun 1994 - Dec 1996

Lead Technician

Galaxy Cablevision
  • Lead Technician for North Nebraska Region.
  • Responsible for the supervision, technical support and training of the Service Technician staff (6).
  • Headend and distribution maintenance.
Jun 1993 - Jun 1994

Systems Technician

Vantage Cable Associates
  • Responsible for all daily operations, installs, disconnects, FCC proofs in five Cable TV systems in N.E. Nebraska.
  • Provided technical support and training for three Install Technicians.(Vantage was purchased by Galaxy Cablevision)
Mar 1993 - Jun 1993

Local Service Representative

Midco Cable Co.
  • Responsible for maintenance of headends and systems, installations, disconnects, CLI, FCC proofs, all service calls and public relations.
Jun 1983 - Jun 1986

Systems Manager

AA Cablevision
  • System Manager for Genoa, Newman Grove, St Edward, Cedar Rapids and Silver Creek , NE.
  • I was the only technical employee.Responsible for everything, headends, system maintenance, ordering of materials, installations, disconnects, CLI, all service calls and public relations.(AA Cablevision was purchased by Midco Cable).


Currently Enrolled - NCTI - Introduction to Business

October 2008 - SCTE - Train the Trainer Seminar

February 2008 - NCTI - Principals of Management

June 2008 - Arapahoe College - Broadband Technical Management Certification

July 2008 - SCTE - Broadband Premise Technician Certified

September 2007 - SCTE - Broadband Premise Specialist Certified

November 2007 - SCTE - Digital Basics & DOCSIS Seminar

January 2006 -  NCTI - Understanding Voice and Data Networks

July 2006 - NCTI - Effective Supervision

February 2005 - NCTI - VoIP Installation and Repair course

February 2004 - NCTI - Advance Technician Course

April 2004 - NCTI - Return Path Operations course

June 2003 - NCTI - Fiber Optic Technician Course

March 2002 - Thomas & Betts - Bonding & Grounding Seminar

March 2002 - Bismarck State College - Pole Climbing Safety-Certified

April 2002 - Midcontinent- Internet Installation & Troubleshooting Training-Certified

December 2002 - NCTI - System Technician Course

January 2001 - ADC - Homeworx HFC Telephony-Certificate of Completion

January 2001 - ACTERNA- Status Monitoring Training-Certificate of Completion

March 1999 - SCTE - Broadband Technology-Certificate of Achievement

January 1999 - General Instruments - HITS Digital Headend Training-Certificate of Achievement

March 1998 - SCTE - Data Technology-Certificate of Achievement

August 1997 - SkillPath - Coaching & Teambuilding Skills Seminar

September 1995 - ICS - Basic Electronics 2 year course

October 1993 - SCTE - Installer Certification

September 1992 - NCTI - Service Technician Course

August 1991 - NCTI - Installer Technician Course-completed

February 1990 - NCTI - Installer Course-completed


2008 - National SCTE Panel, Broadband Premise Expert Certification Exam

2003 -2007 - Secretary, DakotaTerritories Chapter

2001-2003 - Vice President of Training, DakotaTerritories Chapter

2001- 2008 - SCTE Dakota Territories Chapter Board member

1998 -2000 - SCTE Great Plains Chapter Board member

1992 - 2008 - National SCTE Member