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I enjoy getting things done and having fun doing it! A strategic marketing professional focused on insights-driven decision making that aligns products and services with market needs to improve customer experience, drive market share, and achieve revenue goals. Develop and execute marketing events and promotional programs to activate brands that increase visibility and engagement with key segments and target markets. I lead across disciplines to deliver ideas to market that reach revenue goals and customer success objectives.

Here is what I can do for you:

  • Integrated Strategic Marketing
  • Event Strategy & Management
  • Strategic Partnership
  • B2B & B2C Thought Leadership
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Business Development & Negotiation
  • Audience Development/Segmentation
  • Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Vendor/Agency Management
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Team Development & Leadership
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning


Here are a few of my favorite projects that I initiated or have been a part of during my career.

Professional Experience 


Marketing, Brand, & Event Founder/Consultant

Price Walker Consultancy

Optimizing marketing, event, and brand strategies for clients that aligns products and services with market needs to improve customer experience, drive market share, and achieve revenue goals. 

With skeptical buyers saturated by media like never before, companies need to make strategic decisions regarding how it presents itself in order for their brand messages to stand out and reach prospects in a compelling way. I provide attentive, comprehensive marketing strategy to:

  • Cultivate a unique brand to distinguish itself from its competitors
  • Event Strategy, Sponsorship, and Activation 
  • Competitive analysis of what others are doing in the industry to find out what’s working and what’s not, and leverage that insight to its fullest advantage
  • Reach new customers using a combination of online and offline techniques
  • Launch irresistible new products, developed with marketing in mind from the beginning
  • Cross-functional thought leadership

Executive Director Sales Marketing, Consultant


Embedded in the Houston Chronicle Media Group, led the B2B Sales team including the Research, Sponsorship and Creative Teams (16) and developed client marketing strategies for A|muse Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency.

  • Led 2018 Strategic Planning for Unique Audience Opportunities revenue across media platforms - Events, Sponsorship, Digital, Broadcast, Print.
  • Reorganized the (B2B) Sales Marketing team to leverage strengths and optimize workflows
  • Executive event and sales leadership of branded events Top Workplaces (800 attendance) and Culinary Stars (900 attendance)
  • Budget analysis and strategic planning
  • 2018 Media kit creative and content leadership
  • Created client-specific market analysis and strategies for A|muse Digital Agency
  • Client RFP Marketing, Event, and Advertising responses
  • Led strategy across cross-functional teams in sales, marketing, research, creative, and B2C

Brand Marketing Consultant

Baklava Bar

A tasteful sensation coming soon online. Baklava Bar is owned and operated by Pastry Chef Avo Akmakjian and his family. His European pastry perfection is handcrafted with imported ingredients from his legacy family recipe. The Baklava Bar pastry inspires everyday elegance for your daily life and special occasions.

Event & Brand Marketing Consultant

JP Communications

Launching and developing international Apparel and Textile Sourcing B2B retail trade events

  • Audience Development and Engagement
  • Strategic Marketing and Partnerships
  • Exhibitor Sales Support
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning

Director Marketing & Brand Strategy Consultant

LISI General Agent/CoPower Ancillary Benefits
  • Delivered 3-year plan for
    • Marketing and brand strategy 
    • B2B and B2C market segmentation
    • Customer acquisition strategies
  • 18% engagement increase in social media campaigns 
  • Conference content development and management of annual Corporate Sales Leadership Event
  • Talent development and reorganization of the marketing team (8) providing for increase in productivity and happier employees
  • Introduced MAS (SaaS) and implemented talent recruiting technologies to leverage data-driven decision making and support long-term strategic planning
  • Provided leadership and guidance to cross-functional teams and direct reports in brand, creative, event, product/services, sales, and communications.

Reporting directly to the CEO and collaborating with Sales, Product/Service, and Operations team. Ownership of business objectives and strategic multi-channel marketing strategies including digital/social, event, and brand. Leveraging market research studies to determine target markets & lead customer segmentation. 


Senior Director, Integrated Marketing

Dolby Laboratories
  • Led the global Dolby Cinema program launch, an industry revolution in cinema entertainment and experience
  • Significant market share growth of Dolby Atmos market share worldwide through strategic partnerships and impactful multi-channel (digital/social) marketing strategies
  • National & Global brand and product marketing in Americas, EMEA, APAC
  • Direct management and development of field teams and a local team of 5

Focus on optimizing strategic partnerships in alignment with business goals and the competitive landscape to increase revenue and market share. Led the global marketing strategy and planning for new products, initiatives, and technologies across all regions and media channels with a focus on a multi-year outlook and strategy. Served as the integration point for the Dolby Cinema Business Group and our partners. Directed online/offline and event campaign strategy and execution. Led and collaborated with Event & Field Marketing Teams and external partners to leverage synergies for market growth. Led teams in campaign development, media planning, creative, event, and execution. Delivered comprehensive expertise in brand marketing, new product launch, competitive analysis, and professional communications. 


Director, Sales & Marketing

MasterImage Digital Cinema
  • Led global event & brand marketing activation in Americas, EMEA, APAC
  • Met multi-million dollar revenue goals each year through new business development and event strategies
  • Developed and acquired original content for event demos with MasterImage digital cinema and auto-stereoscopic mobile display

Leadership and management of global event marketing, strategic partnerships, and new business development. Cultivate relationships and collaborate with all distribution companies for content pipeline. Led sales marketing strategies including event, campaign development, media planning and creative. Delivered comprehensive expertise in brand marketing, event & sponsorship, sales management, new product launch and pricing, competitive analysis, and professional communications.


Vice President, Partner (Distributor) Relations

AMC Theatres  Entertainment
  • $3M in new revenue by creating and launching new marketing assets leveraging market data 
  • $50,000+ increase of each media buy through the ideation and launch of additional online products that produced new marketing assets 
  • Reorganized department for developmental growth and leverage resource strengths; remote management of team based in Kansas City (HQ)
  • Executive leadership and management of all aspects of Partner Relations including film marketing, promotions, events, and strategic partnerships across North America.

Cultivate relationships with all major film studios and distribution companies and their respective agencies to ensure alignment with business objectives. Led cross-functional teams managing marketing and advertising, film screenings, film festivals, and non-theatrical use. Deliver comprehensive expertise in advertising, events, promotions, marketing, sales management, new product/service ideation and launch, competitive analysis, and professional communications. Focus on optimizing audience development opportunities to increase film revenue and market share.


Group Director, Event Marketing & Sales

Nielsen Expositions (Group Show Director) currently Emerald Expositions
  • Produced 15 large scale retail trade show events & business conferences annually (20,000-50,000 attendees) in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, San Diego, Salt Lake City and launched their complimentary websites
  • Met $100M revenue goal through the development and integration of strategic partnerships, sponsorships, new products and services
  • $1M savings through joint ventures, media partners, and affiliate partnerships while increasing reach, frequency, and market share
  • Sustained growth in audience market share despite economic downturn and competitive market
  • Launched 5 new profitable product and service offerings including event, online, and print by leveraging market research and insights
  • Managed remote and local cross-functional team of 25

Developed the strategic event sales and marketing team for the largest brand in the Nielsen Business Media portfolio, championing the brand management of $100M Retail Group portfolio. Overseeing all aspects of global audience acquisition, event operations, media planning, competitive analysis, as well as P&L management, and product/service development and launch. Collaborate and cultivate relationships with marketing colleagues locally/nationally and with external agencies. Led and contributed to cross-functional teams for promotions, creative assets, product development, and publications. Delivered comprehensive expertise in marketing communications. Developed and implemented successful marketing campaigns and initiatives by analyzing market insights and identifying opportunities. 


Senior Manager, Advertising & Marketing Events

Los Angeles Times/Tribune Media Net
  • Led sales and marketing teams to generate $10M annually in new business and sales of marketing promotions, events, and sponsorships
  • Converted 50% of the annual client base to multi-year sponsor partnerships by leveraging marketing assets and synergies on both sides with clients including Target, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Canada, and Greece
  • Created an in-house advertising agency to provide full go-to-market strategies for advertisers - advertising, creative, event marketing, and promotions
  • Increased net profit by 15% to 40% within one year through resource alignment and product/service development
  • Managed multiple departments and budgets by leveraging synergies for cost of business advantage
  • Produced over 50 B2B and B2C events annually including large-scale consumer events: Festival of Books 150,000 attendees; Travel Show 20,000 attendees; Festival of Health 62,000 attendees; Kid City 45,000 attendees
  • International marketing strategy, ideation, and execution to evangelize the brand
  • Managed remote and local cross-functional team of 30

Led strategy and planning of B2C/B2B/Corporate event operations, sponsorship, and advertising promotions teams. Collaborated with creative and media agencies to develop strategies in line with their client marketing, event, and sponsorship goals. Led and negotiated event joint ventures for cross-promotional revenue opportunities and brand extension. Full ownership of business plans, creative, P&L, and budgets. Oversaw the Creative Group for the development of marketing assets, promotions, and marketing communications.


Supervisor, Sales Marketing/Partner Relations

Walt Disney Studios
  • 300% Increase for third party and exhibitor film promotions within one year
  • $3M savings in vendor expenses by establishing an in-house online marketing research network
  • Negotiated third party cross promotions with national brands for brand extension and market share
  • Supported international subsidiaries throughout APAC
  • Remotely managed a network of 250 marketing research interns throughout North America, Alaska, and Hawaii and a local team of 4

Began in finance with Walt Disney Studios International Home Entertainment group supporting the WDC subsidiaries throughout APAC. Promoted to the Walt Disney Film Group with a principal responsibility of partner (Exhibitor) relations to ensure alignment of campaign goals with business goals of each film title. Produced and presented extensive marketing presentations throughout the U.S. to promote Walt Disney Studio films. Led and contributed to the design and development of national and regional promotional campaigns, as well as execution by market. Presented market research findings to senior management. Media sales of promotions with ad agencies, radio, television, OOH, and newspapers.

Professional Honors

  • Multi-media Sales Team of the Year, Los Angeles Times Award for the cross-functional team development and deployment of a major multi-channel media program including online, print, broadcast, and promotional components, for an advertising & client engagement/acquisition, generating $1.2M incremental revenue
  • Publishers Award, Los Angeles Times award for successful marketing, branding, and launch of a targeted market segment publication - Criteria included new revenue development and new revenue marketing opportunity 
  • Executive Management Marketing Council, Appointed member of the Tribune council committed to developing and nurturing the corporate mission and business strategies  
  • Showmanship Award, Walt Disney Studios, Nightmare Before Christmas for Excellence in Marketing Promotion - Criteria included excellence in partnership marketing and innovative ideas
  • Showmanship Award, Walt Disney Studios, The Lion King for Excellence in Marketing Promotion - Criteria included excellence in partnership marketing and innovative ideas


Social Media Marketing Specialization

Northwestern Universtiy

Medill Integrated Marketing Communications

Marketing Feature Film: Studio Approach


Bachelor of Science, Accounting

California State University Chico

Professional Speaking


Digital Cinema - Speaker

 CineEurope Barcelona Spain

Sourcing Product - Speaker

eBay Live Conference Chicago

Getting More from Sponsors - Speaker IEG Conference Chicago

Selling More - Panelist IEG Seminar Los Angeles 

Digital Marketing - Speaker

Invisible Marketing Conference Los Angeles