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I have a rich background in media jobs and a good and firm education which allowed me to get experience in the fields of animation, storyboard and script writer editor; my previous employers and teachers can vouch for me when I say I'm dedicated, respectful, adaptive and creative. Because of my past jobs I have learnt a selection of skills that make me a great member to any team because I will bring a new perceptive on picking stories and how we present them.

  • Skilled writer: with proven track record in producing high quality

          material within education and national publications.

  • Conscientious editor: with an eye for detail enabling the refinement of written material that ensures accuracy in grammar and article structure.
  • Detail-focused with an ability to analyze information and discern relevant facts in relation to targets and objectives.
  • Highly Organised with skills in workload prioritization, ensuring projects are completed within agreed time frames.

Work experience

Sep 2017Feb 2019



I worked for CBBC for the most of two years and in my time there I animated the opening credits for News Round and the skits in between each show, this allowed me to work freely when it came to making the animations because they would be different each time they came.


Mar 2017Apr 2020

StoryBoard Writer


I worked on the east enders storyboard for 3 years giving me experience in  drama storyboard right and film making.

  • I'am experienced with the english language and are able to write detailed extensive.
  • Good planning of  


May 2020Jun 2021

Script Writer


I then moved up from storyboard writing to script writing which gave me experience in creative writing. the skills I picked up whilst script writing are as follows:

  • Utilized my literature skills to format and structure contributions with

    an understanding of the viewers interests.

  • Gaining feed back through social media to improve my work for the future.  
  • I identified the viewers interests and used audience targeted language to engage them.


Jul 2021Aug 2023



I then left the BBC to do some editorial work at ITV, I found editorial work rather easy due to my previous jobs within the BBC.  


Sep 2015Jun 2017


Stratford Upon Avon College

I took a Level Three and Level Three Year Two Creative Media Course  at Stratford Upon Avon College for two years.