I thrive on tackling technical challenges that include business and human challenges too.

Contagious Can-Do attitude.   Enthusiasm for the task at hand.   Pride in making things happen.

Experienced in IT (bare metal to systems architecture), electronics, startups, marketing/sales, TV/media.

Previous Functions

  • CTO / CIO, Software Architect, Director of Information Technology. 
  • Application Developer and Project Manager (Desktop/Web/Mobile/Server/Embedded).
  • Real-Time Hardware/Software Research & Development.
  • Network Engineer, DBA, DevOps, Tech Support, Trainer. 
  • Lean Startups Founder. 
  • Product/Service Design, Customer Development, Positioning, Marketing.
  • Prime-time TV Production.
  • Technology Consultant.

Work History

Work History

CTO / Systems Architect

Carkhuff Thinking Systems, Inc
2008 - 2014

Directed Robert Carkhuff's McLean Project think tank R&D / Software Start-up Incubator that produced DashCube, a Lean/Agile team collaboration tool that, according to CMSWire, is "The love child of Trello and Slack or Basecamp and HipChat".

Robert R. Carkhuff, Ph.D., is the famous social scientist behind the study of Human Generativity.

Systems Engineer, Founder and Designer

2001 - 2008

Technical Director:

Project Manager

J Walter Thompson - WPP
1999 - 2000

In charge of the successful development of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application for international use.

Product Manager, Argentina

1998 - 1999

Marketing, Network Architecting, Techical Support of Teldat's network routers, gateways, inteligent video surveillance equipment. 

Certified in eight internetworking standards in Spain.

Senior Software / Hardware Engineer

TecnoAcción (Brazil)
1997 - 1998

Rewrote data model and system software, successfully managed installation of Electronic Park Meter System for a city in Brazil.

Chief Information Officer

Patents and Trademarks Office, Argentina
1996 - 1997
  • Designed and implemented re-engineering to match best PTO standards, hosting and coordinating actions with global partners.
  • Reverse engineered undocumented legacy systems.  Trained human resources. Developed intranet.
  • Created presentation for Argentina's President and cabinet ministers on the laws governing patents and the US strategy.

Business Unit Manager

1993 - 1994
  • Positioned Sapiens (previously unknown in the region) as a prestigious technological leader.
  • Secured multi-million dollar exclusivity contract with IBM for its accounts..
  • Developed new products for the local market and successfully launched packaged solutions integrating hardware, software, and consulting.
  • Personally managed developments, tech support and training.
  • Established strategic cooperation agreements for joint development with world-class platform and database providers.
  • Organized presence in trade shows and events. Created custom events with high response from industry and government officials (i.e. "The RAD week [Rapid Application Development]" with IBM, Sun, DEC and SGI).
  • Delivered presentations in a variety of environments, public and private, including the nation's presidential unit.
  • Wrote articles and columns in trade journals, gave conferences in universities and congresses.
  • Created joint ventures with technology suppliers, consulting firms and junior professional pools to foster new start-ups.

Founder, Managing Partner

SysTeam - Systems Teamwork SRL
1991 - 1997
  • Integrated systems and "turn-key" computer networks.
  • Full-Stack Application Design, Development, Refactoring, Maintenance.
  • Developed security and access control system, including card readers, circuitry, and firmware.
  • Developed circuits, protocol and firmware of a network of autonomous secure audio/video/mechanical control terminals for casino use.
  • Provision of software for Enterprise Logistics / Transportation.

Senior Support Engineer / System Manager

Digital Equipment Corp
1988 - 1990
  • Support responsibility for Argentina's most important corporations and institutions.
  • System software support management.

Global Tech Support; Custom Developments

El-De Electrooptic Developments Ltd. (Jerusalem)
1987 - 1987

Support and customization of fingerprint recognition systems for top-security clearance complexes worldwide. 

Architecting of bids for international tenders.

Military Service

1982 - 1983

Singled out of 1200-men Patrician Regiment for excellence.

Radio Operator; Translator.

Personal guard to Argentina's President.

Technical Support Manager; Trainer

1980 - 1981
  • Handled all technical aspects of the first microcomputers to reach Argentina.
  • Training, hardware repair and add-on design, system software patch and machine-level programming. 
  • Developed terminal emulation and file transfer protocol used to connect to NCR mainframe.



After personal interview, the editors of an electronics magazine request permission and publish circuit component I had invented.




Carkhuff Institute of Human Technology
2008 - 2009

Advanced Ruby & iOS Programming

Pragmatic Studio


Holos - Counseling Psychology
1997 - 2000

Individual and Group Therapy. Personal Growth.

Business Administration

University of Palermo - MBA Program

Math + Computer Science

Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology
1984 - 1987

Including Logic Design


ORT College


IT Consulting / Architecting
Electronics, Research & Development
Positioning / Marketing / Sales Consulting
Lean Startup, Customer and Product Development
Counseling, Mentoring, Life Coaching, Community Creation