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George Ogston leads one of the most successful and requested party and tent rental businesses in the Toronto area. At the head of Gervais Party and Tent Rentals is Ogston, who is committed and experienced in ensuring a memorable and cherished experience for that special event. Ogston ensures Gervais works with customers of all needs, from large and meticulous wedding receptions to birthday parties and corporate celebrations. From simple to elegant, Ogston has ensured Gervais provides more than customers expect.

Ogston has a mission to ensure everyone understands the benefits of renting as opposed to purchasing. With a sense of commitment, pride of workmanship and integrity, Ogston ensures Gervais Party Rentals utilizes a strong teamwork atmosphere to build a business employees and customers alike are proud to be a part of. With an experienced and committed staff to carry out his mission, Ogston ensures all employees of Gervais Rentals are properly and adequately trained, knowledgeable on company policies and are accessible to customers. When it comes to the best, you want Ogston and his team to give you an event you will be talking about for years to come.

Gervais Party And Tent Rentals Ltd
75 Milner Ave.
Scarborough, ON M1S 3P6
Phone: 416-288-1846