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I am a developer, with an enthusing passion for working on disruptive and impactful projects that aim to tackle real-world problems which will benefit society as a whole. have mostly been involved in games and app development; actively designing and prototyping simple applications to build my knowledge base so that I can be an invaluable asset to any organization.


Software Development

iOS apps, games 

Augmented Reality

Vuforia, ARKitPlugin, and ARKit

Computer Graphics

OpenGL, Metal

Programming Languages

Swift, C#, C++

Development Programs

Unity3D, Unreal Engine, MonoGame, Xcode

Development Methodologies

Agile/Scrum, XP programming principles

Software Architecture

SOLID principles, Design patterns, UML

Dependency Management

Carthage, CocoaPods

Reactive Programming


Version Conrol

GitHub, BitBucket

Mac Terminal

Compile C++ projects, managing files, using MacPorts or Homebrew to manage frameworks or other software.

QA Testing

UI and Unit testing, bug reporting, bug database, test plan



Computer Game QA Tester TIGA Diploma

  • Types of testing such as functionality, Ad Hoc, black box and more.
  • Bug reporting, putting bugs into different categories, grade, and priorities.
  • Test plan and reporting bugs within bug database.
  • Understanding the permutations of a QA tester within bug database.
  • Video capture, using fraps, GameCam, and game capture to record and report bugs.
  • Video editing, using Movie Maker to descriptively report bugs.

BA Games Design

University Of The Arts London                                                                                                         
  • Game design theories and the phycology of games.
  • Communicating game concepts by writing design documents.
  • Flash and Unity 3D to develop games.
  • 3D Modelling, using with 3Ds Max and Maya.
  • Designing, prototyping, testing and evaluating your creations.
  • Working in teams and participating in collaborative projects.

Computer Games Technology MSc

City, University Of London                                                                                                                
  • Strong technical, working with OpenGL using  c++, Monogame, and Unity using  c#, Visual Paradigm for UML, Bullet for simulating physics, Matlab for audio programming.
  • Strong knowledge of computer graphics, AI, physics and audio.
  • The ability to design and build game engines from scratch in industry standard languages, including C++ and c#.
  • Knowledge of the games development process, including the pitch, design, and use of a game engine to build a demo.

Work History

Sep 2018Dec 2018

AR Developer Intership


This was part of my university masters research project, which looked into how Augmented Reality can be used to improve pupils interest towards STEM subjects.

  • Using Unity 3D, Vuforia, and C# language.
  • Portraying concepts of Science and Engineering (Astronomy, Space exploration, and Space technology) in Augmented Reality.
Nov 2015Now

iOS Developer working on MyReaderBody

Lexi Labs

After winning an Ed-Tech hackathon with the LexiLabs team, I managed to sustain my place and took on the iOS developer role:

  • Using Apple Xcode and programming with Swift.
  • Working and coordinating with the lead developer.
  • Learning on the Job, creating simple prototypes that would eventually feature in the app.
  • Using open source frameworks
  • Front-end development, implementing UX/UI designs
  • Back-end development using AWS and Realm database.


  • Going events or competitions
  • Sport in general (Football, Basketball, Boxing, tennis etc...)
  • Gaming and gamification 

Personal Skills

  • Critical and creative thinker
  • Self-confident and open minded
  • can multi-task
  • Team player 
  • Resourceful
  • Flexible and can adapt to many different situations or environments
  • Can accept and learn from criticism
  • Great communicator
  • Great investigative and problem-solving skills 
  • Self and fast learner
  • Time management