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I am a developer, with an enthusing passion for working on disruptive and impactful projects that aim to tackle real-world problems which will benefit society as a whole. have mostly been involved in games and app development; actively designing and prototyping simple applications to build my knowledge base so that I can be an invaluable asset to any organization.


Mobile App Development

iOS developer

Augmented Reality

Vuforia, ARKit using (Xcode or Unity3D)

Computer Graphics

OpenGL, Metal

Programming Languages

Swift, C#, C++

Development Programs

Adobe Animate, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, MonoGame, Xcode

Dependency Management

Carthage, CocoaPods

Reactive Programming


Version Conrol

GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab

Mac Terminal

Compile C++ projects, managing files, using MacPorts or Homebrew to manage frameworks or other software.

QA Testing

UI and Unit testing



Computer Game QA Tester TIGA Diploma

  • Types of testing such as functionality, Ad Hoc, black box and more.
  • Bug reporting, putting bugs into different categories, grade, and priorities.
  • Test plan and reporting bugs within bug database.
  • Understanding the permutations of a QA tester within bug database.
  • Video capture, using fraps, GameCam, and game capture to record and report bugs.
  • Video editing, using Movie Maker to descriptively report bugs.

BA Games Design

University Of The Arts London                                                                                                         
  • Game design theories and the phycology of games.
  • Communicating game concepts by writing design documents.
  • Flash and Unity 3D to develop games.
  • 3D Modelling, using with 3Ds Max and Maya.
  • Designing, prototyping, testing and evaluating your creations.
  • Working in teams and participating in collaborative projects.

Computer Games Technology MSc

City, University Of London                                                                                                                
  • Strong technical, working with OpenGL using  c++, Monogame, and Unity using  c#, Visual Paradigm for UML, Bullet for simulating physics, Matlab for audio programming.
  • Strong knowledge of computer graphics, AI, physics and audio.
  • The ability to design and build game engines from scratch in industry standard languages, including C++ and c#.
  • Knowledge of the games development process, including the pitch, design, and use of a game engine to build a demo.

Work History

Nov 2015Ongoing

iOS Developer working on MyReaderBody

Lexi Labs

After winning an Ed-Tech hackathon with the LexiLabs team, I managed to sustain my place and took on the iOS development role:

  • Using Apple Xcode and programming with Swift.
  • Working and coordinating with the lead developer.
  • Learning on the Job, creating mini prototype and demos that would feature in the app.
  • Using open source frameworks
  • Front-end development, implementing UX/UI designs


  • Going events or competitions
  • Sport in general (Football, Basketball, Boxing, tennis etc...)
  • Gaming and gamification 

Personal Skills

  • Critical and creative thinker
  • Self-confident and open minded
  • Multi-tasking
  • Team worker and collaborator
  • Multi-lingual (French and English)
  • Flexible and can adapt to many different situations or environments
  • Can accept and learn from criticism
  • Great communicator
  • Great investigative and problem-solving skills 
  • Self-learner and able to learn new software quickly