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To secure a position in the field of marketing/communications with a purpose of gaining valuable experience and enhancing my marketable skills and qualities. To be engaged in a challenging and rewarding environment that offers opportunities for advancement and personal growth while benefiting my employer with my creativity, writing abilities and dedication to success. 

Summary of Qualifications

As a graduate of Carleton University, my degree in psychology has transformed me into a critical thinker and trained me to quickly and efficiently analyze both individuals and situations. Throughout my university career, I developed a strong interest in public relations and decided to pursue further education to prepare myself for the PR industry.

In 2011 I completed the Ontario Graduate Certificate: Public Relations program at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. The training I received was hands-on and extensive, focusing on aspects such as social media, strategic planning, public speaking, media relations and event management/execution. Upon completion of the program I secured myself an 8 week internship at Permabrands Corporation, a leading developer and distributor of health and beauty products in North America. I adjusted very quickly within the company and as a result, became the primary media contact for the duration of my time with the company. During that time I controlled the social media sites, wrote several press releases, made pitches to numerous publications (both online and print), gaining coverage in several major publications both in Canada and the U.S.

I am familiar with a variety of social media platforms, having completed a course specifically tailored towards the application of social media in public relations. In addition, I am very comfortable with public speaking and have acquired excellent skills in both writing and media relations. With my charismatic personality and extensive educational training, I can confidently say that public relations is an industry I am thriving in.



Work experience