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Geniusystems International LLC

Geniusystems International LLC has invented a patent pending new method that dramatically improves the quality real estate projects can be delivered from single-family, multi-family, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, student housing, senior care facilities, and mixed-use developments at a never before realized construction speed that can exceed 300 units per day.
The companies powerful Geniusystem replaces "old fashion“, easily damaged, quickly destroyed, high-maintenance “stick built” structures to sustainable, highly energy efficient, up to 16 floors stackable customizable concrete structures with a 30 years structural warranty and insulation values of R-78.7 up to R-130.9. These values are based on 1,000 degrees open flame impact for more than 30 minutes without any temperature increase on the other side of a GeniusWall™ 


500 Office Center Drive, Suite 400, 
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, 19034, USA
Tel: (1) 888-327-9113

Email: [email protected]