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Work experience

Aug 2006Aug 2009

Crew Member

Culvers' of Muskego
Dec 2007Jan 2009


PyraMax Bank



University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Java programming
Over the course of my time at UW-EC, I've written dozens of programs in this language, and consider myself to be very competent at both logic and syntax.   Specific examples: -Data Structure Implementation/Simulation (Stacks/Queues/Trees) -JDBC apps -Threaded apps -Applications with a UI (Battleship/TicTacToe) -Web pages with imbedded java code (JSP/JSF/Struts) -Applications with divide and conquer algorithms


-Temp IT department worker at Pyramax Bank. I replaced hardware in machines, managed the disposal of sensitive data storage devices, prepared and customized new machines for distribution in the company, wrote a few basic Java applications for the network administrators, and occasionally troubleshot employee software/operating system problems. -I am seeking an internship in the fields of Software Engineering or Web Design to enhance my own abilities, gain professional work experience, and construct a strong network of trustworthy and respectable allies in the business world.


-Ballroom Dance

-Computers and the Internet

-Politics and Economics



-Improve knowledge and experience for my career through an internship.

-Meet and connect with respectable professionals in the business world.

-Develop a foundation upon which a desirable career can be built.

-Remain mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy through a well organized work schedule, a balanced diet and physical activity, and good social relationships with co-workers.

-Ensure economic security through a stable career.