Siddharth Singh


To obtain a job within the financial industry that help me not only in implementing my financial knowledge but also my technological knowledge so as to provide more benefits to my company.


I am  a Computer Science and Finance Major at University of Texas at Dallas. I have interned with Wipro in India and worked on a War Game prototype. I am part of numerous organizations in my university and intend to be in a leadership position in the groups i am part of. By being an international student i have interacted and worked with a lot of different people which has helped me in learning a lot about people and how things work in adverse situations.I believe my ability to be inquisitive about things and then find solutions to them can be benefitial to a company who would hire me.Implementing all my skills along with my experience can be put to great use and thus help me in having a successful career and thus i believe that i can be a great addition to a company.

Work History

Work History
Jun 2009 - Aug 2009


Wipro Technologies


2008 - Present

Computer Science and Finance

The University of Texas at Dallas



MS Office




C and C++