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Geert Cantrijn

WP Magazines | DutchGiraffe | BooM | Hermit Gin | Oosterschelder | Eline speaks

  • The Hague Area, Netherlands, NL
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Geert Cantrijn ( 1970 ) Entrepreneur

Make a positive contribution to society and inspire people to a conscious, healthy, successful and happy life. Create environments where people can grow & excel.

Inspire, energize, strategy, branding, design, communication and positioning.


Work History

Co-Founder & Owner

WP Magazines | Responsive Digital Publishing
Apr 2014Present
YOUR CONTENT WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS! Browser based digital publishing platform. One source - All channels. Simple, fast & easy to share. When publishing with WP Magazines, the browser based Digital Publishing platform for responsive Magazines, Articles, Newspapers, Microsites, Presentations and more, we offer you the latest WordPress technology and the knowledge and experience of DutchGiraffe. This should be the best solution possible, since we are the expert in digital publishing since 2007. WP Magazines is a highly effective digital publishing platform based on WordPress; its output is browser based & 100% responsive so perfectly viewable on your smartphone. Want to know more? Start your Free Trial today!

Co-Founder & Owner

DutchGiraffe | Digital Creatives B.V.
Jan 2008Present
DutchGiraffe | Digital Creatives is a full service creative digital agency specialized in interactive digital magazines, web development & design with focus on user experience. Our strength is telling an engaging story & achieve conversion. Creative & effective within the framework of customer and digital world. At any time and on any screen.

Co-Founder & Owner

Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin
Jan 2015Present
The Gin Fresh and vibrant, with a touch of saltiness. A small batch pot distilled gin, with all natural botanicals. Handcrafted in the Netherlands. A variety of citrus peels bring a lovely freshness. Juniper and coriander seeds give it it’s distinctive gin flavour. Up to 8 botanicals were used for extra depth and complexity. We used a drop of filtered Dutch seawater, for a surprising saline finish. The result is the only Dutch Coastal Gin.

Co-Founder & Owner

Oosterschelder® less salt - more taste
Jan 2014Present
Oosterschelder® less salt - more taste Pure & clean seawater from the Oosterschelde with more than 90 minerals and trace elements for a deep powerful salty flavor. Oosterschelder® is a registered trademark of Alliance de Mer B.V. More info : Specialties Food, Salt reduction, Flavour enhancement

Co-Founder & Owner

BooM creatives B.V.
Nov 1999Present
BooM creatives is a design agency specialized in branding, design, communication and positioning.

Co-Founder & Owner

'Eline Speaks' iPad speech app
Oct 2014Present
‘Eline Speaks’ is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) App & helps people with disabilities communicate with ease. Symbol communication : Use Sclera icons, images from the web, or photos you’ve taken using your iPad. Audio couldn’t be easier. You can simply make a recording or let the iPad speak the words automatically. Text communication : Eline speaks has a ‘Predictive keyboard’ feature, which as its name implies displays suggestions to users as they type. The keyboard displays three of the most suitable suggestions on top of the keyboard and if any of the three matches what you were going to type then all you have to do is tap on it. Simple & Intuitive Just like the iPad, ‘Eline Speaks’ is simple and intuitive in every way. Free Trial @


Geert Cantrijn

Inspire, energize, strategy, branding, design, communication and positioning.


Bachelor of Science

Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk

Industrial Design

High school


pre-university education