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Healthcare strategist and marketer who believes in the value and the necessity of disruptive forces to drive positive change and growth. Deep connections in and knowledge of key growth segments of healthcare information technology, care management and wellness. Active voice in the healthcare debate. Expert social media networker with a direct understanding of the value and the potential of the new medium on business brand and growth.

Work experience

Dec 2005Oct 2009

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer


Responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategic initiatives and marketing activities. Managed retained marketing firm and collaborated with the executive management team on all company strategic initiatives, communications and marketing initiatives. Accomplishments included:

  • Developed and managed strategic alliances and partnerships – reviewed over 100 opportunities to date that led to partnerships that generated over $1 million in gross revenues with:
    • VocalEZ
    • United Iroquois GPO
  • Managed merger and acquisition activity – including presentations, transaction library, and valuation comparable research
    • FY08 managed two possible transaction that made it to board level approval
  • Explored and developed new lines of business
    • Automated messaging FY06 generated over $500,000 in recurring revenues
    • Hospital market in FY08 that generated over $1 million in recurring revenues
  • Completed rebranding of all of the companies marketing materials, including advertising, website and interactive demonstrations
  • Developed three part marketing campaign that generated over 100 qualified leads with a potential revenue stream of over $1 million
May 2000Dec 2005

Director Market Intelligence

Healthways, Inc.

Responsible for all aspects of the company’s strategic intelligence. Managed retained research firm and collaborated with the executive management team on all company strategic initiatives.Developed proposals for entry in to new markets, strategic partnerships and acquisition opportunities. Accomplishments included:

  • Presented strategic threats and trends to senior leadership team on a quarterly basis to help maintain the company’s hyper growth of rate of over 30% year-over-year.
  • Developed and presented strategic business cases – which lead to:
    • Medco partnership
    • Business plan for entry in to the international market
    • Business plan to sell services direct to self-funded employers
  • Developed health plan-specific profiles to assist sales executives in the sales process
  • Developed and maintained competitive profiles on direct and indirect competitors to assist sales, marketing and product development
  • Identified and reported on over 200 potential alliances, partnerships and acquisitions which lead to three major acquisitions that totaled over $250 million
  • Managed the due diligence process for the purchase of StatusOne – transaction totaled over $50 million

Program Manager

New Paradigm Ventures

Business development and strategic consulting for clients of New Paradigm Ventures.Focused on creating revenue generating programs for companies in the healthcare and utility industry.

  • Created and managed the Empower Health disease management M&A database (integral in the closing of HealthSpring and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota)
  • Created alliance and partnership for BioValidities entrance into the supplement market
  • Developed affinity marketing program for Portland General Electric – a contract worth over $1 million
  • Identified mergers and acquisitions targets for Kidd & Company’s potential investment into the telecommunications industry
  • Conducted primary research to find potential Empower Health acquisition targets which lead to the eventual purchase of Empower Health by Healthways

Division Manager

Americana Group Realtors

Created a new division called HomeBenefits an affinity program that allowed the company to offer home improvement solutions to clients that purchased homes through the Americana group.

  • Hired and managed four direct reports
  • Developed and managed marketing activities including radio, print and television advertising
  • Responsible for developing and managing all of the HomeBenefits service providers that accounted for a reoccurring revenue stream of over $250,000 annually
  • Responsible for training Americana’s 1,100 agents on how to use the HomeBenefits program as a sales tool
  • Responsible for presenting HomeBenefits to all prospective agents

Account Manager

Fulfillment Contractor Corporation

  • Day-to-day management of the companies major accounts
  • Managed pricing system
  • Managed production tracking system
  • Assisted sales representatives with presentation to large accounts


Jonathan McDevitt

Jeff Rice

Mike Sandwith