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Work experience

Sep 2008Present


Hyman's Seafood Co.


Aug 2008Present


College of Charleston


I am always responsible for my actions and make sure to always do what I need to do, and do what I am told to do as a valued employee.
Good in sales
Working in a restaurant, I have become good at selling new products and putting them out there in a way in which people become interested.  I do not just speak to people in a way that sounds like I am only trying to sell them something.  I can speak to people in a way in which they feel I am realy looking out for their best interst.  I am outgoing and enjoy working with others.  I am also a great team player.
People Person
I work great with people and in helping fulfill their needs.  I am very good at remaining calm and making sure I fix the problem the best way that I can. I do not hesitate to ask for help when needed, to ensure that I am offering the best of myself.