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Senior Engineer with experience. and know how to get results.  Proven success in a team enviroment.  Also successful and capable as an individual contributor working with little supervision. Expertise includes:

Team leadership

Software background

Hardware background

Negotiate with outside vendors

Quick learner, self taught computer languages

Work experience

Apr 1986Nov 2008

Senior System Test Engineer

Pitney Bowes
  • Senior Test Engineer

  Myko Postal Security Device:  Lead tester on project with  junior engineers as support.

  • Designed test stratagy for Postal Security Device.
  • Interface between developers and test group.
  •  PSD Test Tool:  Developed the concept and design for a multifacited test tool for testing of Postal Security  Device (Storage of Monies and Ecryption used in securing customer and USPS funds)Time to market shortened and cost cutting by reuse of tool on other projects.
  • Designed the characteristics of the tool and put them to a requirements document.
  • Contracted “Systems Assistance” to write the code and a scripting language for meter message simulation.
  • Primary contact with Systems Assistance for bug fixes and billing issue.
  • This program is in use world wide today and has undergone numerous revisions to keep pace with the ever changing Postal Security Device used in the heart of all Pitney Bowes Meters.

  • Because of intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the PSD I wrote the majority of the test scripts for junior engineers to execute.
  • Created as part of the PSD Tool a DBASE where groups of scripts for each device and process could be stored for ease of use by even none test personel.
  • Part of the Lead test team which brought Mega through it's development cycle. Our first attempt at using the USB communications for Meter internal and external communications.
  • One of 4 engineers taught USB and responsible for bring junior and other senior engineers up to speed in the new communication protocol. 
  • Part of 3 man team which dbuged the USB protocol using the Chief protocol analyzer (capture , analyze data stream and advise for corrections).
  • I Wrote scripts for the PSD Test Tool and handed them off to junior engineers to run and report results.

Smithsonian Project: In charge of software developer receiving daily assignment while project lead in Washington. Devised tests for hardware and software. Handled daily work load for hardware and software when needed.

Tracked all failures and delivered failure reports to senior managment. 

  • Helped developers recreate failures whenever possible. (This project is still running at the postal museum in Washington , DC. Since 1990)
  • We as a company and the groups involved won high praises from the museum staff as well as our own management for being on time and our use of leading edge technology.

SoHo (Small Office Small Home mail franking)

  •  I had the responsibility of designing the test procedures and making sure implementation of test was carried out by my staff.
  • Report testing results as part of daily status reports.
  • Created test status Dbase using MSAccess for reporting and tracking purposes.

Test Engineer: Test software and theory behind software for soundness of business rules and compliance with the USPS Domestic Mail Manual. Projects worked on were Starsort, StartPort and RBase Database for tracking printhead qualilty.

  • Starsort: is a project venture entered with IBM to get mail sorted in the zip +5 down to zip +2 packets before envelope stuffing. Saves time and money by performing critical mail address sorting and verification in the computer generating the add or billing rather than shuffeling of tons of paper in mail bins.. 
  • Helps get billing to the customer quicker and customers tend to respond with remittence  sooner.
  •  Starport: aprogram designed to have mail which has been sortered picked up by the USPS and to be delivered to their distribution center.Worked with the Domestic Mail Manual (USPS Bible) creating dbases of mail for simulated routing.
  • Direct communications with both USPS and IBM.

Printhead Analysis: data capturing database.

  • Created a dBase with 2k entries for printhead quality and print precision. 

Amita: Responsible for the design and implementation of tests for a small office mail metering device (Stamps)

  • It has it’s own version of a Postal Security Device and I chose to update the PSD Test Tool to handle the message structure and encryption required for testing (Less expensive than creating a new tool and the message structure was all that needed to be updated).
  • Led a team of  junior engineers instructing and teaching  them in testing of the device.
  • Worked with development team with reporting and verfing all failure reports and bug fixes.
  • Part of the 2 man team to debunk the bugs in the USB  protocol from the Postal Meter to the PC.

X2 PSD Development: Next generation of Postal Security Device. (enhancment to the encryption process) The USPS has requested the manufactures of PSD's move to the next level of security (Eliptical Curve Process)

  • It was decided that since most of the code in the device was to remain the same that the most expedient way to test the device was for me to perform an audit of existing code and to test the encryption as a seperate subsystem.

Mega: Large volume mailing machine. 

  •           I was the test lead for this Program.  Involved with the development cycle of the product as a  core team member reporting to the core team leader. 
  •           I wrote scripts for the test tool for junior engineers to run test of communication, refill, franking mail (spending money) and call for Postal audit of meters.  Complete automated regression testing.
May 1985Jun 1990

Specialist E4 Supply.

US Army

US Army  I served for 3 years and this was my second tour. Company supply, clerk, Light weapons specialist, weapons storage, Sniper and Aid to Company Comander.

May 1974Apr 1977


City of Stamford Firefighter

Hired on as probationation firefighter. Advanced through probation firefighter  and was trainded as EMT for medical emergencies duty on city Ambulance were I worked when not assigned to travel for manpower coverage.

Volunteer out of the Mayflower house on Van Zant St.. Time of service was when the restoration of South Norwalk caught fire and burned.  I worked that and many other fires till I moved out of the area. 

Jun 1969Jun 1975

Aviation Storekeeper 3rd Class

Aviation Storekeeper 3rd class.

US Navy  I served for 6 years during the Viet Nam conflict.

Setup the containers for spare parts for the LAMPS project (HELO ASW on Destroyer) 3 month project. Became very familiar with the parts and ordering their of for future support of HC2 and HC4 squadrens.

Ordered engines,blades,transmissions and ASW electronics in support of P3 Orions in Keflivic Iceland. Held Top Secret clearance in order to order and handle Krypto gear.




Are you curious?

Coal Heats Best



Stamford High School

Bridgeport Engineering

Bell and Howell Electronics

Six Sigma (Pitney Bowes sponsered) 1996

IS0 9000 (Pitney Bowes sponsored)

MS Windows XP, Win 11.

MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, DBase2, RBase Relational DBase

Microsoft Test Automation Testing

WinRunner Automated software tester

PSD Test Tool

Visio presentation software

Digital Photo Professional, Zoom Browser EX

Visual Basic 4,5,6,  Java, NetBeans IDE 8.2