Eugene Dunbar Jr.


July 23, 2008 Dear Madam/Sir, This letter are in response to your posting for a qualified Business Manager. I am interested and well qualified to perform the responsibilities associated with this position at an extremely high degree of success and competency. Your Requirements: My Background: Responsible for the development and management of the company s operations. Responsible for retirement plan account corrections in Vanguard s Institutional Operations. Upon assuming the position of Manager of Financial Control, the backlog averaged over 300 account corrections in progress. At the end of the tenure, the average backlog fell to less than 100 account corrections in progress. This was due to various increases in operational effectiveness. The end result was a reduction of headcount from 12 to 9 FTEs. Savings $ 120k Led a Vanguard TQM team to analyze the high cost of retirement plan 401k loan corrections. End result was the elimination of a 12 FTE unit leading to savings of approx $ 800k. Formulate and develop overall operational plans. Responsible for headcount forecasting in both operational and client relationship management roles at Vanguard and CitiStreet. Utilized metrics and forecasting methodologies to support the recommendations. In all management roles at all organizations was able to reduce headcount and hence cost by increasing operational effectiveness. Maintain cognizance of current and future internal and external requirements Managed weekly and monthly meetings with key members of the client s management team. Internally met on a daily basis with my IT manager to review both project and daily operational deliverables. Held one on ones with the AVP of the unit and met with the SVP on a daily basis. Direct the development and preparation of relevant short and long-term business plans and budgets. Held four business plan reviews with the client to both review the yearly budget and yearly business plan. In the meetings any and all adjustments to the initial plan were discussed and made accordingly. Establish and play a leadership role in cross-functional teams to ensure successful operational deliverables by all business units. Successful in managing projects that required multi-department contributions to ensure successful deployment of the new service or installation of the client. Met weekly with all major players and if one unit was falling behind in meeting his/her deliverables, met one on one with him/her to discuss the challenges and develop a strategy to overcome the obstacle. Sat on steering committees with the CIO, President, and various SVPs on two major client high exposure projects. MBA and Six Sigma Black Belt with 20 years of functionally diverse responsibilities. Over 20 years of experience driving profitable growth in diverse functional areas. Expert at optimizing operations and business systems. Proven track record increasing productivity, quality and efficiency, I look forward to exploring this position with you further. Thank you for your kind consideration. Best Regards, Gene Dunbar

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