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Reading books,reading books and reading books.

Trainings Attended

  • Administration and configuration of Websphere application Server ( WAS ) - v 7.0
  • ITIL V3 Foundation
  • Perl scripting for sys admins.
  • Weblogic administration for 8.1
  • Hp-Ux - Sna1,Sna2


Certified for websphere 6.1ITIL V3 FoundationHP Certified System Administrator

Technical Skills Summary

iPlanet/Sun Web server

IBM Websphere Application Server v6.1

Glassfish Application server 2.x,3.x

Sun Application server 7.x,8.x,9.x

Apache web server

Sun Directory Server (LDAP)

Oracle OID

Sun Java Access Manager

CA Autosys (job scheduling)


Shell Scritping

Perl Scripting

Solaris,Linux  (RHEL)


Weblogic Application server 8.1,9.2

Oracle Application Server 10.1.2,10.1.3

Oracle HTTP server 10.1.3

Oracle Web cache 10.1.2

Oracle Portable application containers 10.1.2


              Over 5 1/2 Years of experience as a Middleware engineer in Application/Web servers/LDAP/Access Manager (single sign-on) infrastructure management.

  • Have been working as a team member and onsite coordinator for the past 1.5 years.
  • Was a part of the team that  implemented the LDAP and Access manager environments at the client location.
  • Have worked on high-end concepts like LDAP replication and Disaster  Recover ( business continuity plan) tests.
  • Main responsibilities include providing 24/7 production support, coordinating work with the offshore team and implementing procedures/policies per the SLA.
  • Was responsible for documenting the policies and processes implemented and also contributed a few technical documents.
  • Very good knowledge of Shell, PERL scripting.
  • Am a very  good team player, self-motivated and able to work under stress

Experience Highlights:

  • Have been commended numerous times by the client for my efforts in scripting and efficiently finishing the tasks assigned , by coordinating with the offshore team. 
  • Good knowledge of sun directory servers 5.x/6.x and Sun Java access Manager 7.0/7.1
  • Good knowledge and experience on creating complex shell scripts .
  • Based on experience of my work have trained the team members on LDAP/Access Manager.


Looking for an exciting and challenging position in the field of Middleware administration and Information Security where I can put my acquired skills to good use and also maximize my technical and leadership abilities in this domain.


Have worked on Opessl to Create and add SSL certificates to Java Keys store (JKS). Create and add self-signed SSL certificates to Network Security Services db ( NSS ). Create CSR's for both JKS and NSS. Verify the Certificate chain for a given URL. Match private keys and certificates. Import and export keys and certificates. Add trusted certificates to both JKS and NSS db keystores.
Ca - Autosys (Job Scheduler)
Have worked on autosys for creating jobs to Recycle the application/web servers. Daily backup and archiving of app server logs.
Web/App Application Server Administration
  Have worked proficiently and have a very good good knowledge on   Sun Java web server Installation of the Sun web server 6.x,7.x. Configuring the virtual hosts,doc roots,URL forwarding,virtual servers,MIME types...etc. Installing 128-bit self-signed and CA signed SSL certificates. Configuring the plug-ins to route requests to the app servers. Troubleshooting all issues w.r.t. these web servers. IBM Websphere Application Server Building new Websphere environments . Managing WAS and Ensuring High Availability of the applications. Troubleshooting and assisting with L3 production issues for the middleware environment. Gathering requirements from the customer and assigning work to team members. Coordinate with development team to implement requirements change management and service improvements. Maintain the ITIL process related documentation and SLA timelines Sun Java Application Server ( now a.k.a Glassfish Application server )  Installing the Sun java application servers 7.x,8.x,9.x,GES. Configuring the JVM options,Class path settings,Connection Pools,Messaging resources,Http(s)/IIOP listeners,Logging settings ..etc Installing self-signed SSL certificates using  either JKS or NSS  keystores. Monitoring,maintenance and troubleshooting issues with these application servers. Escalating issues to the vendor (Oracle ) Oracle Application Server  Installing the oracle application server 10.1.X Configuring the JVM options,Class path settings,Connection Pools,Messaging resources,Http(s)/IIOP listeners,Logging settings ..etc. Monitoring,maintenance and troubleshooting issues with these application servers. Escalating issues to the vendor (Oracle )
Shell Scripting
Have a commendable knowledge in shell scripting using awk,sed,perl,tcl/tk,dialog and have created very complex scripts for our environment.   Few of the Major scripts are: Sync LDAP user data in UAT with the PRD data. A single script for all the common SSL operations performed in our environment. Automated build and review of the application and web servers as per the requirements. Get a list of all the current instances over 450 servers. Automated monitoring of the sites.
Identity Access management
Was involed in the implementation of the SUN JAVA access manager environments and was responsible for delegating the application access rights to users through groups and roles.   Have performed the following tasks in Access Management. Install and configure the SUN Java System Access Manager 7.0,7.1 . Set up J2EE agents to work with the Access manager. Add/delete users from the roles. Add/Delete roles from access manager. Troubleshooting application integration issues with access manager. Configure the DAM ( distributed authentication manager ) to allow external users to access Putnam applications.
LDAP administration
Have installed and worked proficiently on the SUN JAVA DIRECTORY SERVER 5.x and 6.x verisons. Have performed the following tasks in LDAP administration. Install,Configure and manage the LDAP servers. Set up replication between the servers. Add/Delete users,groups and ACL's. Work with application teams to integrate their apps with LDAP. Troubleshooting general user issues. Apply SSL certificates.

Work experience

Jan 2010Jan 2011

Tech Lead ( Midleware )

Mattel Inc

Working as the Technical lead for the middleware products package at Mattel Inc. providing Web Services and Enterprise middleware support.


Tech. Lead


AWK,MS Office, MS Project, Unix Shellscripts, vi, Apachewebserver ,IIS, Oracle Application Server , WebSphere Application Server , Weblogic Application Server ,IT Operations Management, PERL, Retail


IBM AIX, Linux, Websphere Application server 6.1, Oracle Application server 10.1.2,10.1.3,Weblogic application server 9.2 sp3 ,IIS 6 and IIS 7, Apache web server 2.2


  • Point of Contact for the Mattel manager for the execution of the defined Statement of Work.
  • Feasibility analysis of work, creation of work package, coordination and execution plan to get it done from offshore.
  • Perform review of key project deliverables from the offshore team before it is delivered to Mattel.
  • Track project progress closely using the metrics and escalate issues to Mattel manager in a timely manner. Track issues to closure.
  • Maintain and support the major websites of Mattel like : , , , ….etc.
  • Troubleshoot issues with the sites and proactive monitoring of the sites and the servers hosting the sites.
  • Worked upon and have upgraded the following applications within Mattela) Markviewb) JDA ( Manugistics )c) Demantrad) ARIBAe) JIVE / X-Factor …etc.
  • Worked upon the Season Readiness plan and capacity planning for Major websites like;  …etc
  • Conduct status review meetings with the Mattel manager.
  • Maintaining and supporting Mattel’s major websites like
  • Review and document the change requests raised by Mattel.
  • Ensure that the work products are delivered as per the acceptance criteria.
  • Leading Proof of concepts activities related to third party applications and tools.
  • Generating the monthly/weekly/yearly reports of the call/SLA volumes.
  • Work with the Mattel ADM team to tune the middleware packages and deploy applications.
  • Install, configure, upgrade, and patch software.  Apply critical security patches/hotfixes as released by software vendors.
  • Mattel Best Practices for middleware management.  As middleware products evolve, supplier will develop and gain approval for new standards and will comply with those standards.
  • Assist in troubleshooting and perform configuration updates as requested by ADM analysts.
Jun 2006Dec 2010

Middleware (webservices) Administrator


Working in Middleware Engineering group at Putnam Investments providing Web Services and Enterprise middleware support.


Onsite Coordinator


Web/app server administration,LDAP/Directory server Administartion,Shell scripting,Perl Scripting,Basic Vbscript,Working with SSL certificates (openssl,jks,nss)


Solaris,Linux (RHEL),IBM Websphere application Server v6.1, Glassfish / SUN application servers,Sun web servers,SUN Ldap server, Sun Java Access Manager (single sign-on),CA - Autosys (job-scheduling),Blade Logic


  • Installing, configuring and administering the SUN Java Access manager 7.0 , 7.1 .
  • Installing, configuring and administering the WAS clusters on Solaris and Linux platforms
  • Installing and configuring the J2EE policy agents to work with the AM server.
  • Installing, configuring and administering the Sun Java Directory servers 5.x , 6.x.
  • Installation and Configuration of Web/Application Servers in the environment.
  • Installing 1024-bit Verisign SSL certificates for the the web,app,LDAP servers .
  • Provide consulting on J2EE Architecture and L3 Middleware Infrastructure support to project groups of the client.
  • Participate in the Disaster Recover ( DR , a.k.a Business Continuity Plan) and failover tests.
  • Working with the application teams for integrating applications with LDAP and troubleshooting the issues.
  • User and role management in LDAP - Adding users to groups and roles and adding/deleting groups/roles.
  • Generating and sending the weekly reports from the Access Manager/LDAP to the Security team for Audit purposes.
  • Writing shell scripts for general LDAP activities like adding users to a grp/role;sync users between UAT and PRD ..etc
  • Participate in the design reviews and load testing of web applications.
  • Leading Proof of concepts activities related of third party applications and tools.
  • Trouble Shooting of Sun Java  web and app Server issues.
  • Application Server Optimization activities,Web site performance tuning and monitoring activities
  • Writing Shell Scripts and Cron jobs for automating monitoring /daily activities of the web and Application servers.ex. Cron jobs for clearing the logs & Cache,       Remote Monitoring Scripts to check for Web sites availability.      Scripts for regular backup activities. ...etc
  • Maintenance of the File System on the Solaris with respect to the Web Applications.
  • Maintaining and supporting the clients major production portal sites like,, broker and shareholder and other major applications.
  • Worked on high-end tasks like iPlanet app server clustering, failover and LDAP server replication.
  • Was responsible to schedule and get the work done by the offshore team at PUTNAM.
Oct 2006Dec 2006

Domain Migration

Description:        The Domain migration work for the MHRS Split (Mercer HR Services ,the consulting business of Marsh & McLennan Companies split from Putnam Investments. )Role:      Project EngineerSkills:      Web/app server administration,Shell scripting,Working with SSL certificatesEnvironment:      Linux,MS DOS,Sun Solaris,Unix,Windows-XP, PERL,CA-Unicenter,Autosys,Web Server Management,SecuritiesContribution:

  • Involved in migrating the domains for web and sunone application servers and sunone LDAP servers .
  • Participated in the load testing and migration of web applications.
  • Wrote shell scripts for the custom changes to be made on all servers.
  • Involved in co-ordinating the UNIX and Network changes made during the migration.
  • Involved in interacting with the Project development Team and setting up the development and test environment with respect to the web and application servers specific to their needs.
  • Involved in creating the new startup scripts and for both the domains.
Mar 2006Jun 2006

Middleware Trainee


    Trainee in Middleware Engineering group at Putnam Investments providing Web Services and

    Enterprise middleware support.


  Middleware Trainee


Web/app server administration,Shell scripting,Working with SSL certificates,autosys,Unicenter,Empirix.

    cron jobs,Http load balancing,clustering.


    Linux,MS DOS,Sun Solaris,Unix,Windows-XP, PERL,CA-Unicenter,Autosys,Web Server Management,Securities


  • Involved in installation, configuration and administration of SunOne Web/App Servers.
  • Involved in installation, configuration and administration of Netscape Enterprise Web servers.
  • Installation , configuration and administration of NetDynamics Application servers.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of iPlanet Enterprise Web servers.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of iPlanet Application server, LDAP server and portal server.
  • Performance tuning the web and application servers. 
  • Installed 40 bit and 128 bit regular and global SSL certificates for the web servers.
  • Maintaining and supporting Putnam's major production portal sites like,,,, broker and shareholder and other major applications.
  • Performance tuning web servers and app servers according to project needs.
  • Worked on high-end tasks like iPlanet app server clustering, failover.
  • Managing system resources by constant monitoring of the processes and log file rotation.
  • Application review of the projects.
  • Scheduling daily jobs using autosys and cron.
  • Automating the routine tasks with shell scripts.
  • Supporting system test and acceptance environments for all projects.
Nov 2005Dec 2005

HP-UX Trainee


      Basic HP-UX system administration training (SNA -1 and SNA -2 ).







Trained Topics:

  • Basic SNA1 and SNA2 training.
  • Knowledge in • OS installation • File System Security • User Administration • Package Administration • Patch Installation • Boot PROM Administration • Printer Administration • Backup and Recovery • Basic RAID concepts • Remote connection • Configuring disks • Network Administration- DNS, NFS, NIS UNIX Knowledge in • Filters • Editors • File System Handling • Process Shell Scripting • Conditional Statements • Looping Structures


Jun 2001May 2005


R.M.D Engineering College