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Work experience

Cabin crew

Air France

Developed high teamwork skills as well as very organised and hierarchical 'chain of command' understanding. Service orientation and working in fast paced environment.

Core skills developed related to service industry handling, conflict resolution with customers, basic negotiations on one-to-one level and how to deal under short term stress.

Sep 2008Apr 2009

Assistant Manager, Capability Building


Involved in design, planning and execution of training and education for Maersk Procurement

globally. Focus on Capacity Building and enhancing learning for both participants and the A.P.

Moller – Maersk Group.

Core emphasis on coordinating and communication tasks within capacity building with secondary

focus on administrative tasks and support.

Involved in Change Management related to several projects, as well as cost reduction drives and


Skills developed focused on coordination, project management and execution, training planning

and execution as well as basic procurement techniques, hereunder negotiations and basic contract

and sourcing knowledge

Oct 2006Aug 2008

Personal Assistant


Working on global systems implementation project involving project team of 80 professionals,

impacting 8,000 users globally. Involved in overall project management as executive assistant to

the project responsible. Responsible for overall presentation to global community as well as

coordination of communication and overall change management controls.

Applied Process Excellence theories and practices/tools.

Thorough project management training and execution (matching theory with practice).

Involved in global Operations, both execution as well as projects, with focus on communication,

change management and project management/coordination. Involved with global community of 13

Operations Clusters.

Partaking in implementation of new global strategy within Operations.

Skills developed related to core operational execution and planning. Execution knowledge of

strategic change management, hereunder strategy implementation, emphasizing organizational

changes. Knowledge of basic human resource related aspects conjunction right-sizing and

organizational alignment.

Mar 2006Oct 2006

Researcher, translator


Project coordinator in charge of the French version of their new website. Various researches done in the Human Rights side in order to add relevant content to the website.

Skills developed focused on core coordination, planning and research, with emphasis on technical system knowledge of web-based applications/designs.

Knowledge of working in a multi-cultural environment under significantly difference circumstances.

Project coordinator in charge of the French version of their new website.

Sep 2005Jan 2006

Project coordinator, volunteer


Project coordinator. Development of two projects in Human Resources related to strategies on how to hire new talents within the organisation.'

Focus on skills related to human aid and voluntary environments, hereunder human resources project coordination and how to deal with internal UN policies and political environments. Basic knowledge of union negotiations and interactions.

Sep 2003Nov 2003


French Emassy in Japan

Project coordinator for collaboration between French and Japanese universities. Also in charge of the organisation of the annual conference to welcome French students in Japan. Knowledge of Japanese culture and language.

Skills related to presentation skills, core project coordination and communication with foreign students.

In-depth knowledge and experience on how an embassy works, the interactions and relations, hereunder political geo-political and human resources.


Sep 2004Jul 2005


King's College London, U. of London




Universite Paris X Nanterre


Broad educational skills with diploma degree in Law and MA degrees (double degree) in International Relations and Conflict, Security and Development, from reputable institutions in France and England.

Specialised in Geopolitics, Human Rights, Political Science, Strategy and International Law.

Possessing a highly advanced and comprehensive understanding of the complex linkages between issues of security and development in contemporary international relations. Detailed knowledge of conceptual, historical and policy issues surrounding security and development and how these manifest themselves in the wider context of contemporary warfare and international security.

Experience within Human Resources (Recruitment) and Research, as well as overall coordination and facilitation.

Broad International work experience from France, Jordan, Japan and Denmark, with proven ability to work in highly diversified and multi-cultural environments.

Proven ability to work in large project organizations and multinational company, as well as Aid Organizations. Advanced Project Management training.


I have throughout my career as well as educational life at all times been exposed to multicultural environments and setting. I am mainly looking for a job, as project coordinator or project assistant within an international company. Considering my past experience and educational background, a company dealing with international politics and/or human rights would seem to be the most appropriate.

Here is a summarized list of the skills I have from my Curriculum Vitae:

·I have worked for the French Embassy in Tokyo, wherefrom I have in-depth knowledge of how diplomacy operates, the interrelations and the political environment.

·I have a French Maitrise and a MA in International Politics and Conflict, Security and Development, as well as a French DEUG in law, with specialties in Geopolitics, Human Rights, Political Science, Strategy and International Law.

·I have had extended stays abroad in Jordan, Japan and England, prior to my move to Denmark. I also traveled extensively to more than 25 countries, either through my work as a student stewardess for AIR FRANCE or subsequent jobs, and so worked in highly multi-cultural environments.

·I have a deep knowledge of the French and Danish society, as well as the English.

·I am fluent in French and English. I have been learning Danish for 8 months now, 6 hours per week, which has been intensified since early April with 3 hours daily. I also am proficient in Spanish and have knowledge of Japanese. Being in a relationship with a Danish citizen, with 2 smaller children, I am currently applying my Danish skills on a daily basis as well.

·I have worked as Project Management officer and Capacity Building/Training officer within the A.P. Møller – Maersk Group, to gather more operational experience and to gain further international perspective.

During my tenure with A.P. Moller – Maersk, I have been involved in a wide range of activities, ranging from core Project Management, including focus on Communication and Change Management to process improvement projects, aiming at fundamentally enhancing the business model and core processes of the Liner activities.

I have also been involved in design, planning and execution of training and education for Maersk Procurement globally with a high focus on Capacity Building and enhancing learning for both participants and the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group.

I have throughout my tenure with Maersk been exposed to various training and development opportunities, hereunder Project Management training as well as Process Excellence.