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Work experience

Jul 1998Dec 2009

Web Application Manager & Senior Web Developer

At Avid Technology & Softimage subsidiary, over the years, I occupied different positions like Web Application Manager, Windows Developer, DBA & Senior Web developer. Through those positions, I acquired & developed many skills that allowed me to undertake a very broad range of tasks on many technologies. This is not extensive but that includes any database development & DBA tasks, Data modeling, team management, business & need analysis, usage of many development methodologies & tools, knowledge of the windows development environment (IIS/Visual Studio, C#,VB, SQL, Linq, Entity Framework, multi-tier dev., web Services...) , Linux/Mysql/Apache environment & php development & also developed abilities to rapidly understand the business requirements, identify inefficiencies/weaknesses and develop robust and innovative solutions.
Sep 1995Jul 1998

Application Developper + DBA

•Business analysis, data modelling, ETL, reporting, & DBA tasks in order to leveraged the Microsoft Ms-Manager corporate Information system shared by the whole organization (Product support, marketing, sales support, R&D, shipping and international sales offices. Note that part of this Software package became a CRM commercial package named ONYX. •Accomplished all DBA functions and responsible for 5 SQL Servers including a replicated site in Europe.
Oct 1985Aug 1995

DBA & Development support

Verificateur General (Auditor General)
Perform DBA tasks on Ingress database on SUN (Unix) server. Support developper on data modeling & programming. Also built reporting UI system with Microsoft ACCESS.




Université Laval


Université Laval