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Portuguese (Lisbon, Portugal) | 06 / 23 / 1970

+(351) 968 577 011 | [email protected]; [email protected]

Rua Helena Vieira da Silva, 374 Ent.3 - 7 Dto. | 4450 590 Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos, PORTUGAL


Building Industry, Real Estate or Other- CEO | COO | CMO | Sales & Marketing Manager

JOB SKILLS, Leader, communicator, entrepreneur, innovative, creative, negotiator, marketeer, coach, flexible, versatile, team player. Portuguese (native), Spanish (fluent), English (strong).My Slogan : always learning to make it better and different


Travelling, Athletics (running) and Tennis, Strategy Literature, Design, Wines & Gourmet, Music.

Work experience

Jan 2006Present

Sales & Marketing Manager

IberFibran, Extruded Polystyrene, S.A.

Belongs to Fibran Group, Greece : XPS Extruded Polystyrene Thermal Insulation Industry

Skills: Management - Business Strategy; Marketing Plan and Brand building (Portugal, Spain and Angola); Business Partnership; Technical Support; Innovation; Coaching;

Achievements: Invited to be Manager integrating Sales and Marketing departments; Innovative marketing tools; Sales and Marketing integration; Brand building; Business Partnerships

Jan 2004Dec 2005

Managing Partner

SHARE TO CHANGE, Architecture and Real Estate

Real Estate, Architecture and Engineering Services

Skills: Sales & MKT Services Responsible, Real Estate and Project Management,

Achievements: Partner and owner business concept, Innovative business concept, Business management,

Nov 2001Apr 2004

General Manager

R&i, Waterprofing and Building Renovation

Belongs to Sotecnisol, SA - Renovation Building Industry

Skills: Business Strategy, Commercial Management, Production and Officer Supervisor,

Achievements: Invited to be Sales Manager, Leadership, Management skills,

Jan 1995Nov 2001

Technical & Key Account

SOTECNISOL, Insulation, Engennering & Environement, S.A.

Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Renovation Building Industry

Skills: Commercial Proposals and Negotiation, New business development, Production Manager (1997 and 2000),

Achievements: Sales goals, Provisory Production Manager, Negotiation skills,

Sep 1993Aug 1994

Trainee Architect

JOÃO CARREIRA, Architecture, Ltd.

Architecture Services

Skills : Architectural Projects Development,

Achievements: Architecture Execution Projects skills

Jun 1992Dec 1993

Real Estate Appraiser


Real estate valuation services

Skills: Professional valuation services at North of Portugal,

Achievements: Real estate technical valuation skills


Other Information


2007 3rd World Forum - Marketing & Innovation, HSM, Lisbon, Portugal

2007 International Commerce Course AEP, Matosinhos, Portugal

2006 2nd World Forum - Marketing & Sales HSM, Lisbon, Portugal

2005 INTOP International Operations Simulation Programme EsadE, Barcelona, Spain

2002 Leadership Management Course PROPEOPLE, Lisbon + Autocad 2000 Course CICCOPN, Maia, Portugal

1997 Marketing & Sales Course COPRAI / AIP, Lisbon, Portugal

1996 Renovation Building Modular European Master FEUP, Oporto + Building Thermal Insulation Course LNEC, Lisbon + Façade Technology Course CICCOPN, Maia, Portugal

1988 Wood and derivatives for Building Industry Course SONAE, Maia, Portugal


2005 House Renovation + Restaurant (Renovation), Oporto + Bloogirls Store, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

2004 Coffe-Bar, Leça da Palmeira + OM Design Office, Leça da Palmeira + Apartment Renovation, Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

2002 P. Portuense Medical Clinic, Oporto, Portugal

2001 28 Houses, V N Gaia, Portugal

1999 Restaurant/Pavilion/House Renovation, Maia + House, Celorico de Basto + House Renovation, Freixo, S.P.Sul, Portugal

1998 House, Vila do Conde + Office Renovation, Coimbra + Office Renovation, Maia, Portugal