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I am a marketing professional with twenty years' experience specializing in brand marketing, portfolio strategy and analysis and strategic resource allocation of sales and marketing spend. I have launched two blockbuster products (JANUVIA & Zyvox) and I have worked on several other pharma brands.

Most recently I have developed a strategic resource allocation framework that has significantly improved ROI on our current sales and marketing spend. I perform this work in two dimensions:

1) I optimize spend ($ multi-billions in my current role) across a portfolio of countries, and

2) across a portfolio of promoted products within a country. I recommend tradeoff decisions on resource allocation of sales and marketing spend with the following objectives:

  • optimize return on marketing investment
  • increase marketing contribution by at least 20% (tens-of-millions of dollars)
  • ensure appropriate spend for a product’s position in its lifecycle
  • link strategy to tactical spend in the promotion of a brand
  • focus efforts on business-development candidates

My work creates options for senior management -- options that would not be readily apparent with normal P&L or NPV analysis or market research. I combine the financial data and the market-dynamics in unique metrics to deliver a broad set of tradeoff choices for any investment or spend decision. I characterize and clarify risk, growth and return to make the tradeoffs as straightforward as possible. My work significantly improves ROI on sales and marketing spend, in my current role by over 400%.

Work experience

Dec 2005Present

Executive Director Portfolio Strategy & Strategic Planning


Executive Director -- Portfolio Strategy & Global Strategic Planning

Report to Chief Marketing Officer.

Design and implement a global portfolio management capability for the $27-billion prescription business.

·        Accountable for the development of an overall Global Human Health (GHH)-wide strategic planning process and portfolio management framework for marketed brands by developing and analyzing a series of critical brand-performance and market metrics for maximizing return on sales-and-marketing investment in GHH. Analyze product resource allocation, recommend investment tradeoff alternatives and improve the overall ROI of marketing assets for Merck. 

·        Lead an integrated phase III through V clinical portfolio-management and decision-support process that enables informed decision making regarding investment and tradeoff options for Merck's portfolio of late-stage clinical studies.


·        My team and I designed and implemented a market-oriented planning process that provides strategic directions to the markets and a platform for the markets to provide a rolled-up tactical plan to HQ. Result: Better and more robust planning process, consistent strategic direction to all markets and a standardized planning process for both franchises and markets. Efficiencies of $20M.

·        ROI of our sales and marketing spend was below our LROP goals. The business lacked a consistent/coordinated resource allocation process for in-line brands. GHH planning processes were not well documented coordinated and communicate. I designed and implemented a resource-allocation framework and set of tools to enable consistent tradeoff decision making at the senior leadership level across and within countries. Marketing contribution increases will be $300M in '09.

With hundreds of studies in the late-stage portfolio, there was no clear way to prioritize and optimize the portfolio across franchises. I led a cross-functional group of colleagues to develop a means to standardize study prioritization within a franchise and a scoring method of the studies across franchises to facilitate prioritization and tradeoff decisions. 2007 savings - $55M; 75M in 2008

Jun 2003Jan 2005

Sr. Director Marketing Cardiovascular

Sanofi- Aventis is a $35 billion pharmaceutical manufacturer headquartered in France with global marketing based in the US. My role was to drive global marketing and branding of new products for the CV and Diabestes portfolio from phase III to launch.  Provide data analysis to support decision-making. Build and maintain network of external experts and advocates. Evaluate and quantify in-licensing and acquisition opportunities; identify market trends; make recommendations to update the strategy. Sanofi acquired Aventis in January 2005.


· I led two global cross-functional, early CV commercial teams

· Led effort on NPV analysis of a $500+ million thrombosis compound in development. The NPV results assisted us in making decisions critical to the future of the compound and resource allocation for the overall CV portfolio.

· I redirected the strategy of a late-stage CV compound to include a launch indication for CLI as well as add-on therapy. Added about $400 million to the peak sales forecast.

· Led in-licensing team (25 people) for novel endothelial anti-inflammatory compound. I developed SWOT, TPP and strategic plan for the compound. Potential $3 billion opportunity. Assembled world’s top 6 experts for and ad board.

· Led in-licensing effort of a novel metabolic compound aimed at treating nephropathy.

· Working with the Brand Institute, I led teams in trademark and INN development for two metabolism compounds.

Feb 2001Jun 2003

Director Strategic Planning

Pharmacia (now Pfizer Inc.)

Pharmacia was a $16B billion pharmaceutical manufacturer. I led an internal strategy and planning group supporting all therapeutic franchises. I led the strategic and tactical planning process, the GCT and RCT process; I worked with brand teams to strengthen planning capabilities, and life cycle management. I developed the company's portfolio management process.Acquired by Pfizer in 2003.


· Launch Optimization: The success of our global launches was inconsistent.Many key functional support areas had not been addressed in the launch plans. Seeing this pattern, I designed and implemented a Launch Readiness Process for the Inspra® launch. This tool provided guidance on all aspects of a launch from 18 month pre-launch (early phase III) to one-year post launch and LCM.

· Portfolio Analysis: Pharmacia had hundreds of products and where to place precious promotional resources was always a question. I developed a portfolio analysis tool to evaluate the commercial attractiveness and promotional response for our diversified-products portfolio. I worked with the brand and therapeutic area leaders to determine where to place promotional resource for more efficient MROI.

· Strategy Scorecard: The brand team developed strategic initiatives, but were they effective? I launched a means to measure the brands' strategic imperatives using a management scorecard approach. Result: Corrective actions taken sooner than in previous years.

Apr 1997Dec 2000

Director of Strategy

This is a $170+M pharmaceutical and esoteric diagnostic-testing laboratory.Direct all global marketing initiatives and drive expansion of commercial efforts for new cardiac markers like BNP, Homocysteine. I directed the strategic planning process for all regions.Report to and advise chairman of the company on all aspects of the business.I had three direct reports.


  • Conceived and implemented e-commerce for international customers.
  • grew the CV-testing business from $3M to $15M.
  • Launched Triple Ischemia Predictor – (hs-CRP, Homocysteine, myoglobin)
Apr 1991Apr 1997

Director of Marketing

Pharmaceutical Division   Jan. 1996 - May 1997

Global Product Director, Anti-infectives

Baxter is a $12 billion manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. I managed the promotion and launch activities of two antibiotics. Conceived and energized global marketing strategies for anti-infective lines I instituted pricing strategies for all customer groups.


 Launched Vantin® in Europe in conjunction with Upjohn.

Launched Antimicrobic Therapy Management pharmacy software program and created leasing option for its customers through GE Capital.  Maintained selling price and unit sales volume 25% above plan objectives.

Position Based in Switzerland           1991 - 1992

Position based in Paris                     1993 – 1994

Country Director Spain                      1994 -- 1996                       

A $165M division of a $10 billion pharmaceutical and medical-supplies manufacturer. Developed, implemented and drove sales and marketing strategies for the automated microbiology market in Europe. I had P&L responsibility and four direct reports.


  • Successfully lunched three new products in Europe and led all three to exceed share and profitability target
  • Created sales and operation forecast process (still used today in Europe) allowing Baxter to forecast more accurately. Lowered inventory days from 75 to 30 in one year. Saved the division about $1 million.
  • CAGR for sales in Europe from 1991 to 1996 was 17% with market at 5%.

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