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Letters of Recommendation


Dec 2009

Masters in Teaching and Learning

Western Michigan University

GPA 4.0/4.0

Apr 1998

Bachelors in Elementary Education

Western Michigan University

GPA 3.7/4.0

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Phi Theta Kappa

WMU Dean's List

Apr 1993

Associate in Arts

Kellogg Community College

GPA 3.5/4.0


Jodi Stewart

Craig Reed

Jim Verdon

Work experience

Education/Intake Specialist

Michigan Works!

As an instructor for the AEEI program, able to communicate effectively with people from various socio-economical and ethnical backgrounds to ensure they receive the best training. • Prepared lessons and assignments and facilitated these lessons so students from disadvantaged backgrounds could improve their computer skills to help secure employment. • As an Education Specialist at Michigan Works!, facilitate learning through workshop format using motivation and encouragement. • Advise customers in career development to best meet their needs and goals. • Conduct research dealing with career change/development; analyzed data, then collaborated with co-instructor on best practice and wrote training booklet together. • Unwavering in my belief to put the students' and customers' needs first and find any solution to help them secure employment.

Feb 2010Present

Education Specialist/Adjunct Instructor

Kellogg Community College
  • Communicate effectively with people from various socio-economical and ethnical backgrounds. to ensure they receive the very best training and support.
  • Facilitate adult learning through workshop format using motivation and encouragement.
  • Advise clients about career develoopment to best meet their needs and goals.
  • Research various topics dealing with latest trends and employer needs in career change/development, analyze the  data, and collaborate with co-instructor to implement into training booklet written together. 
  • Build strong resumes and cover letters to support job seekers' goals.
  • Instruct college students in Computer Application Skills Course
  • Unwavering in my belief to put the students' needs first and find any answer to help them accomplish their career goals.
Oct 2007Jun 2009

Professional Educator

Marshall Public Schools
  • Taught age-appropriate technology skills to elementary students using creative projects that would stimulate learning and appreciation for technology.
  • Prepared lesson plans and units for Kindergarten students by reviewing curriculum resources and creating new materials using the Michigan State Standards and Benchmarks. 
  • Played a key role in collaboation of developing new technology curriculum for the entire district.
  • Effectively used cooperative learning strategies while challenging students to develop higher-order thinking skills.
  • Created weekly newsletter to increase parental communication, collaboration and involvement. 
  • Built warm, supportive relationships with students, parents and colleagues to ensure the success of all students.
Aug 1999Jun 2004

Professional Educator

Climax-Scotts Community Schools
  • Established rapport with students, staff and community in order to share a commitment to quality learning.
  • Shaped the academic and social lives of students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades using the Michigan State Standards and Benchmarks and brain research theory. 
  • Established a community  by working with the students and creating an easy rapport with them.
  • Utilized the constructivist approach to learning, while displaying creativity and sensitivity to the learning styles of the students.
  • Planned, implemented and organized a Student Council Organization to give students a voice in the quality of their education.
  • Recognized as a teacher in "Who's Who Among American Teachers".
Aug 1998Aug 1999

Early Elementary Professional Educator

Adventurous Beginnings for Children
  • Used a thematic approach to share my experiences and knowledge of reading, science, social studies and math with thirty-one preschool and fifteen Kindergarten students. 
  • Provided individualized, small, and whole group settings to encourage social and academic growth. 
  • Provided determination, support, encouragement, and a highly-organized learning environment for all students.
  • Integrated lessons using multiple intelligences and strengths of each student.
  • Kept students curiousity piqued using multifaceted approaches to each subject.

Presentations/Papers I've given


Dedicated, ambitious and personable Educational Professional with demonstrated achievement in curriculum development, workshop facilitation and student success.  Strong command of verbal and written communication, along with exceptional interpersonal skills, ensures a positive learning environment for all students, colleagues and the community.  Proven people-centered leadership skills, combined with ability to motivate others to their full potential; offering my skills and experience to make a valuable contribution to your organization.


Based on Tom Rath's book, Strength Finders 2.0, the strengths that make me stand out from others include:

  • Empathy:  The ability to sense the feelings of other's lives and situations.
  • Woo:  Love the challenge of meeting others and winning them over by making connections.
  • Developer: The ability to recognize and cultivate the potential in others and to spot the signs of improvement. 
  • Includer: The ability to spontaneously look for ways to involve everyone in group-related activities.
  • Communication: the ability to easily put thoughts into words and enjoys the give and take of dialogue.

Areas of Expertise

Curriculum Development:

  • Researched, developed and implemented new workshop training manual and collaborated with co-instructor in developing curriculum employment booklet wheich would best meet students' goal of successfully gaining employment.

Workshop Facilitator:

  • Provide students with educational support, job readiness training adn career development, while effectively engaging students by breaking complex ideas down into information that was easier to understand and implement.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Able to motivate and build instant rapport with individuals from all populations through maintaining a positive, encouraging and team player attitude.  Strong belief in findign solutions to students' needs to help accomplish their career goals.

Technology Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of computer and Internet, along with Microsoft Office Suite.  Willing to learn and develop new skills to better serve the students' and staff needs.


  • Introduces new ideas and styles to enhance student satisfaction and improve procedures to help students' reach their goals.  Dedicated to continuing personal development.


  • Understands the necessity of confidentiality with colleagues and students in handling information with sensitivity. 

Workshops Facilitated

  • Assessing your Strengths
  • Branding and Electronic Branding
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Internet Search
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Positive Attitude and Motivation
  • Computer Skills: Basic, Internet, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Interviewing
  • Time Management
  • Electronic Visual Resumes
  • Resumes and Cover Letters


Michigan Professional Teaching Certificate

State of Michigan