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I have worked for two years in INTERNATIONAL mutual funds Management Company in Greece. Through this experience i gained technical knowledge on portfolio management, risk management, investments and the procedures of stock trading. I managed to co-operate with people a lot older than me and stand as a trustful colleague in front of them. I challenged my-self to get into the business world at the age of 20 without even a degree and coped with the situation perfectly. After my traineeship I engaged my-self into the volunteer work. I joined the biggest student-run non-government organization in the world, AIESEC. The year 2008-2009 I was elected as Balkans Organizing committee President in university of Piraeus and I was responsible for a five people team to coordinate, coach and motivate them in order to make students exchanges from Balkans countries. The next year 2009-2010 I was elected as External Relations manager and vice President in the local committee of university of Piraeus. I was responsible for the sales of AIESEC products to companies. I was the account manager of my local committee partners and also for the product management and packaging. Finally, I was responsible for the fourteen people sales team. I trained and coached them to make sales of AIESEC products. For the current year I am elected as the members’ committee vice president. I joined the national team of AIESEC and I am responsible for creating and implementing the national strategy into the local committees’ strategies.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Financial Trainee

OVB Vermögensberatung AG
Jun 2009Present

Financial Trainee 1

OVB Holding AG Hellas: financial services

Getting trained for corporate presentation and for promoting the opportunities of the services provided by my company to customers.

May 2009Present

External Relations manager at AIESEC in Piraeus, Hellas

I am responsible for the sales of AIESEC products to our partners for AIESEC at Piraeus University. I am responsible for coaching, coordinating and leadering the sales team at Piraeus University.
May 2009Present

External Relations Manager & vice president

AIESEC: International student organisation

Responsible for sales of AIESEC products at AESEC in Piraeus, GREECE. Managing, coordinating and leading a sales team of fourteen people in order to communicate and sale the products of AIESEC in to companies-partners. Finalizing partnerships with new companies and diversification of traditional partners. Product packaging and promotion. Communicating with potential partners and selling AIESECs products to executives

May 2008May 2009

Balkans Organising Committee President

AIESEC: International student organisation

Running a team of 4 people responsible to inform students about the reality of the Balkan region, the culture, the history, the needs and opportunities of this fast-growing network. Increase exchanges and empower the student's learning environment of Balkans emerging markets Building 2 conferences about the economic crisis and the trends in the work fields in Balkans

Feb 2007May 2008

Trainee at investments Department

Intrenational mutual fund Management company

Member of the investments department Stock analysis Portfolio management Over viewing companies' annual reports, balance sheets, capital and cash flows. Proposing potential investments. Communicating with companies for better understanding of their reports. Following the news flow in the market daily.; Responsible for the quality of services




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