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About Me

Entry-level Electronics Engineer specialized in Embedded Systems. Passionate in digital hardware designing, organized and efficient in time management. Attained analytic and problem-solving skills in FPGA/ASIC/SoC designing through extensive lab works and internships during academic training.  Looking forward to an enriching career in the field of Digital Hardware Designing.

Professional Experience

May 2015Sep 2015

Implementation of USB communication for a FPGA-based GNSS receiver

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Upgraded the communication protocol between receiver and computer from RS232 to USB2.0.
  • Attained 10x faster data transfer rates.
  • Created a C++ based software on the computer side for data retrieval from the receiver.
Jun 2014Aug 2014

Real-time Feedback Filter Design

Vrije Universiteit (VU Amsterdam)
  • Developed various driver programs for configuration of Beaglebone Black. (BBB)
  • Implemented SPI protocol on BBB.
  • Designed ADC circuit to produce voltage reference for filter


Sep 2013Oct 2015

Master of Science & Technology in Electronic Systems for Embedded & Communication Applications

INP-ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France

Specialized in Digital Hardware Designing

Core Modules Attended:
* FPGA/SoC/ASIC Designing
* Architecture, interfacing & reliability of embedded systems
* Analog and Mixed Signal Design
* MEMS and SiP
* Electromagnetic Compatibility and Reliability

Main Projects:

* Design of FIR filter - Implementation of 31-taps MAC-engine based FIR filter in transpose architecture without manual optimisation of the multipliers on Xilinx-3E FPGA and familiarisation of Catapult C tool.

* Design of Rangefinder - To measure of  distance between a laser source and Lambertien target; modelling of components and simulation of test benches in VHDL-AMS.

* Design of a Digital Frequency-meter & Thermometer - Frequency measurement of an input signal in the range of 0 - 10MHz; temperature measurement using IC DS18S20 on Nexys2 board. 

Sep 2008Aug 2012

Bachelor of Technology

L B S Institute of Technology for Women

Specialized in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

Core Modules Attended:
* Virtual Instrumentation
* Distributed Control Systems
* Smart Sensors & Networks
* Robotics & Industrial Automation
* Discrete-time Control Systems

Main Projects:

* Maze Solving Robot - Design of a robot which traverses a 6-by-6 square maze with obstacles at random nodes and arrive at the destination by through the shortest path possible.

* Extended Embedded Visual Cryptography Scheme - Simulation of a method in Matlab to reinforce identity authentication using shares of iris image of a person embedded in his/her passport-size photo.


Programming Languages


C / C++




Altera Quartus II                                                               * * * * *

Xilinx ISE Design Suite                                                      * * * * *

Eclipse                                                                               * * * * *

Cadence EDA                                                                    * * * * 

OrCAD PSpice Designer                                                   * * *

Operating System

WIndows 7/8/8.1/10                                                        * * * * * 

Linux                                                                                  * * * * 


* Travel, Meeting new people 

* Yoga, Swimming

* Online networking, E-learning

* Current affairs, Music