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Gavin Varejes


Early life of Gavin Varejes

Growing up in sunny Natal in the sixties, Gavin Varejes practically lived on Durban beach when he wasn’t at school, playing rugby or doing karate. His Father was a pharmacist and Mother a teacher and Gavin has two brothers named Clive and Kenny. Gavin Varejes did his service after he received his call-up papers and when the compulsory service was completed he was right back on the beach until he started his studies at Durban University. He started off studying to be a teacher but when he realised it wasn’t for him, he changed his direction to marketing in which he earned a diploma. After University, Gavin started working in photographic equipment sales. Unfortunately parallel trade undercut Gavin’s products to prices impossible to match and he was forced to close shop. At this point Gavin was 24 years old and decided to venture inland to find his fortune in the City of Gold; Johannesburg.

Entrepreneur and multi-business mogul

Gavin Varejes arrived in Johannesburg just in time to see the first snowfall since a smattering fell in 1964. He initially went into the home shopping arena after which he moved to a range of other areas like cellphone air time, property, IT development and others. In the majority of his ventures Gavin was aiming at the GSM industry. After conducting market-place research, Gavin Varejes established that small to medium sized businesses are an asset to the economy in terms of job creation and innovation. Very often these companies rely on the assistance of friends and family as larger investment companies are not geared for smaller investments. He started Richmark in the year 2000; now a leading angel investor company in Southern Africa. Richmark has a number of subsidiaries in areas the management team feel comfortable and has experience in. Media, commercial, property and their main focus; telecoms are the areas Richmark are actively involved with.

Charitable causes

As a business magnate with many avenues of fiscal potential Gavin Varejes does his utmost for charitable causes. Richmark supports the Kirsty Watts Foundation; a charity founded by a young lady who narrowly escaped death caused by a malignant brain tumour and is now actively working to help less fortunate children also suffering from cancer. Gavin Varejes and Richmark also found SARLA (South African Rugby Legends Association) which started out as an African version of the Harlem Globetrotters playing for charity. SARLA has since branched out to working with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and starting up Legacy Parks; an incentive aimed at helping children by reaching them through sport.

Gavin Varejes at home

When he is not raising funds or in the driver’s seat behind the multitude of companies in Richmark Holdings, Gavin Varejes likes being at home and spending time with his family. He has a daughter named Caily and a son called Trent. His wife of over two decades; Jo-Ann is the light of his life and they still happily married. Jo-Ann loves entertaining and Friday nights the Varejes household is usually filled to the brim. Gavin is a proud Sharks supporter and holds Madiba in high esteem as his hero.

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