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Acclaimed businessman and travel industry professional, Gavin Tollman is currently Chief Executive Officer of global travel giant, Trafalgar Tours. He also holds the post of chairman of The Travel Corporation (TTC) South Africa, a worldwide leader in tailor-made tours and tour packages. Born and raised in South Africa, Gavin now resides in Switzerland where he also manages his international businesses. He studied Finance and graduated from The American University; he also received accreditation as a Certified Travel Counselor. Experience and Expertise

Gavin Tollman’s career began in the hotel business in 1987. He joined the prestigious Buckhead Hotel Management Co., serving as executive vice president. A decade later he became involved with Trafalgar Tours USA. As President, he managed to lead the company into becoming the most lucrative touring company in the United States dedicated to European destinations. In 2010, Gavin was chosen to lead Trafalgar Tours on a global scale and has since become CEO. The company was founded in 1947 and now has several hundred employees across the globe. Trafalgar Tours caters to innovative group travel and tours to the UK, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, South America, USA and Canada. Gavin Tollman attributes his unprecedented success to how he branded the company’s products and services, calling them “aspirational and insider”. In an effort to give clients unforgettable travel experiences Trafalgar Tours is moving ahead towards cruises to be included in their travel packages, as well as specialized family travel. For Tollman, it is imperative to offer “insider knowledge and information” because according to Tollman, this is what differentiates Trafalgar’s services from its competitors.Gavin Tollman’s professional experience also includes his involvement with The Travel Corporation (TTC), a private travel and tourism services company that owns and manages over 25 smaller companies. TTC and its subsidiaries manage over a million travelers each year. The company is in charge of over forty offices worldwide and is home to some 4000 TTC employees. Time to Give Back

In conjunction with South African Tourism (SAT), TTC under Tollman’s direction has established a two-year joint project entitled “Destination Africa”. This international initiative was designed to improve and strengthen world travel to South Africa, and raise awareness on a global scale of the beauty of the region. Further, TTC is committed to helping build South Africa’s good name as a destination location so that world travelers will consider choosing South Africa for their touring destination. TTC also believes in giving back to the community. Recently, a global TTC conference brought employees from all over the world to South Africa where, as part of Project Wendy House, they helped build homes for several Cape Town families in need.

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