Gavin Lee

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Gavin Lee

Senior Embedded System Software Engineer

Work History

Work History
Dec 2013 - Present

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Shenzhen China, Senior Embedded Software Engineer(Audio product) Lead team to develop WIFI speaker Co-work with customer to define product specification and schedule. Define software architecture, help hardware chip selecting to avoid software issues on project early stage. Develop Internet of Things(IoT) software using Linux/OpenWRT, to support data analyst platform. Develop audio driver and tune acoustic parameters. Develop MCU peripheral driver, battery charging, and firmware upgrading. Contribution: Lead develop MCU software architecture(eCos RTOS). Lead develop 2 speaker products with 3-6 members.(STM32 and PIC32 MCU) Join develop 1 MCU framework to support various hardware platforms. Join develop 1 WIFI speaker product. Interesting: Research/implement data collection, data analyst, and reporting solution.
Sep 2012 - Mar 2013

Driver Engineer

Intel Corporation
Taipei Taiwan, GPU Driver Engineer Debug GPU Graphic driver with Windows/x86. Familiar with Windows Display Driver Model(WDDM) and ACPI/SCI flow. Familiar with windows kernel, memory management, and x86 assembly Familiar with windows power saving technology(Connected Standby, RTD3) Familiar with display controller hardware architecture
Mar 2012 - Aug 2012

Firmware Development Engineer

HsinChu Taiwan, Firmware Development Engineer Develop GPS firmware on RTOS and Android. Intergrade GPS positioning algorithm Generate fail IC verification process to quickly find root cause of 70% fail IC.
Jan 2008 - Mar 2012

Driver Development Engineer

Foxconn Electronics Inc
Taipei Taiwan, Driver Development Engineer Develop driver for Nokia cell-phone on RTOS/ARM. Develop BSP Driver: I2C, audio, boot loader, memory management, encrypt/decrypt and power off charging mode. Resolve 90% memory issues by developing memory analysis tool. Reduce 20% boot time by developing image partial loading mechanism. Reduce 40% image size by analyzing flash partition and usage. Solved stability issues by analyzing CPU/process state and tracing assembly. Travel abroad to factory for supporting hardware bring up. Manage software projects for Android smart phone. Familiar with software develop process with international customers Institute the new verification process that avoid 80% factory-software issues Project experience 1. Develop Audio driver for WIFI speaker on eCos RTOS. Debug Intel Display driver on Windows. Develop MediaTek GPS IC firmware on Android/RTOS. Develop OEM cellphone Firmware on Android/RTOS. Languages Native Chinese speaker, conversant in English(Usually talk with foreign customer)




Yuan-Ze University


Yuan-Ze University