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Work experience


Sourcer Manager

Chicony Electronics Co. (TWSE:2385)

In charge of CMOS sensor, lens and VCM from 2010 to present.

These three materials are main components, accounted for 55% and 80% in NBC and CCM BOMs cost.

Record and Performance:

  1. Procurement Amount is USD 150 million per year.
  2. Meet and over company’s CRP (Cost reducing plan) target. Cost down amount is around USD 15 million per year.
  3. Good relationships with key suppliers, including: OVTGalaxyCoreSONYOn-SemiSamsungHynixLarganSunnyAlpsMitsumi

Sales account Manager

Ichia Technologies, Inc. (TWSE:2402)

Mainly responsible for LCM moduleAUO, PVI

Record and Performance:

  1. Ichia gained 100% share rate in PVI and became sole FPC supplier for PVI.
  2. Ichia became main supplier in AUO for both LCM modules at large and small size, accounting for share rate 20% and 45% each. Monthly shipment is 6-7Kkp
  3. Besides TSMT, Ichia became the second qualified SMT supplier to AUO.

Sales account Manager


Mainly responsible for camera module house: Chicony, Foxconn and Suyin

Record and Performance:

  1. Back to AVL.                                                                                                     Vimicro was dis-qualified by Chicony Electronics in 2006 due to quality issue. I co-worked with my team to support Chicony for over 1.5 years and got back their respect and trust finally. Vimicro is back to Chicon’s AVL list.
  2. Awarded in HP consumer project and successfully Mass Production in 2010/04 with monthly 1.2 million quantity shipment.
  3. My support is appreciated by customer. I convert my runway to Chicony Electronics to be Sourcer Manager.




Tamkang University

Industrial Economics



National Taiwan University

Agricultural Economics