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1980-11-24 in Duhok



Bachelor’s in agricultural engineering

University of Duhok

High Centre for Agricultural Engineering education system

Work experience


agricultural extension

Dohuk Veterinary directorate

Educational process unofficial aims to teach rural people how to exploit
Their own efforts to improve the living and the advancement of their previous levels through programs aimed at
Improve the exploitation of the natural resources available to them and better use in agriculture and routes of administration
Home and so for them as individuals and for the benefit of their families and also for the benefit of society and the state in which they live
with it.



Delal Computer service

Selling and repairing computers store administration, and the formation of the Small Business Administration program databases (ACCESS)



Massacre Veterinary Directorate of Dohuk

Organise animals Islands operations by organising the slaughter dates and methods, conflict management and perpetuate the site and give reports on the crisis and the quantities and diseases and etc.


Awareness campaign against cholera

Directorate of Veterinary

includes educating people in vulnerable environments such as cholera that dwelt in the villages and that is easily spread and ways to avoid them and reduce them, within a plan of action with the help of the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine and aid organizations have painted

Area of Expertise

Computer Maintenance

repair most of the failures of both types of computer hardware Desktop and Laptop.
monument all the basic programs we obviously in my country, Windows, Office, basic programs

MS Access database

Most of the formation of accounting software for supermarket and stores, which include management of small projects very strong form so far been sold in Duhok


Kurdish, Arabic: read,write,speak,talk - excellent  

English:read,write,speak,talk -good.

driving license

It includes a statement to the leadership of private cars within the Kurdistan Region since 2007 Reduction 2022

Computer Skills

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), as Experience