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Gaurav Shrivastava


Dec 2014Present

Manager - IP Core Team

Spectranet Ltd

IP Core team takes care of IP backbone network of Spectranet Ltd running on LTE 4G. Following are the duties of mine under this profile:

  • To manage daily operation and lead my team for any issue reported by NOC or any internal or external department.
  • Management of Internet Up-links, Exchange-point links, intercity L2-VPN links  in terms of their utilization and outages.
  • Management and troubleshooting network issues within SLA and to co-ordinate with other team for the same. 
  • The Network devices in the core networks are Cisco (ASA-5585, CRS1, IPS, 7609, 7606, 6504E, 2960S, 4948, 1941), Huawei (CX-600-X8/X3), Mara Systems (CacheMara), Elitecore Technologies (24Online).
  • Designing, configuring and troubleshooting point-to-point and point-to-multi-point customize solution for enterprise and corporate customers.
  • Working with multiple vendors to enhance core network capabilities and reliability to support company’s growth.
  • Managing purchase and payments against network requirement and presenting the same to upper management as needed.
  • Coordination with multiple vendors as per technical requirements and closing the deals with best results.
  • Taking care of regular requirements and reporting for AFRINIC and Cisco SMARTnet supports. 
Aug 2012Dec 2014

Senior Executive - IPBB Netwrok

Vodafone Shared Services India (VSSI)

Vodafone IP backbone network is consists of a network of around 20 countries around the globe. The duties under this profiles are as follows :

  • To monitor and troubleshoot issues received for Vodafone IP Backbone network and take part in the solution as needed. 
  • Its a critical network as connects multiple countries to each other wheres few countries run on fiber SPUR ring and needs high importance.
  • The IPBB network is a hybrid topology of multi-vendor devices includes, Cisco (7609, 7304, 7206, 7201, 2821, GSR 12410, Nexus 5K/7K, Catalyst 6509-NEB), Juniper (MX-960, SRX 3600, M10i) and Alcatel-lucent (7750, 7710, 7750-SR12)
  • Providing Layer-3 service support for network & customer service related issues consists of, BGP-Peering down, D-DOS Attack, GRE & IP-Sec tunneling, VPN services, packet loss, latency, link flapping, slow speed etc.
  • Providing remote support for planned and emergency activities related to core routers, telecom services, carrier and customer end related activities.
  • Provides on-floor training to new joiners and university trainees as per their scope. 
Jun 2010Aug 2012

Deputy Manager - Data Access Network

Reliance Communications Ltd

This Network is more upto enterprise and corporate customers for their data and voice services. The duties under this profile are as follows:

  • We monitors and troubleshoots and issue received via alarms and / or customers.
  • The issue needs co-ordination with ground teams and other NOC team too, to solve any issue within SLA.
  • The network consists of a multi-vendor devices of Cisco (7606, 7609, 7200, 3600, 3725, 3550, 3750, ME3400), Huawei (CX600, CX400, CX200) And Atrica (A2000, A2100, A8100) in ring topology.
  • Providing Layer-2 and Layer-3 service support for customer service related issues like, link instability, packet loss, latency, link flapping, slow speed etc.
  • Provides remote support for planned activities related to software and hardware parts of switches & routers, migration of services, integration or deletion of devices or customers from network.
Sep 2008Jun 2010

Technical Support Engineer - Wi-Max Network

Reliance Infocom Pvt Ltd

This team take cares of  Wi-Max based internet service which a LOS dish based internet service. The duties under this profile are as follows:

  • Provides assistance and troubleshoot for domestic enterprise customers for their internet services based on broadband, Wi-Max.
  • Troubleshooting customer’s issues such as, no connection authentication, link disconnections, slow speed, IP request failure, latency, packet-loss and low-signal strength.
  • Provides remote support for field related activities and troubleshoot.
  • Provides training to new joiners and lead a sub team to perform daily task.


Jul 2004Jun 2008

Bachelor of Engineering - Electronics & Comm

Rajiv Gandhi Technical University

The four year degree course provides knowledge of electronics and communication technologies in a set of eight semesters. Each semester consists of five different subjects to be educated and passed. It helps in understanding the details of each technology in scope and its future utilities. 


Aug 2015Aug 2016

Home Subscriber Server (HSS) 


Its an important network element (NE) that manages subscriber data in any LTE network. The Training consists of the features and basics of the HSS systems and understanding the process of communication with other network devices.

Feb 2013Feb 2016

Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA)

Juniper Networs

This certificate is an entry level certification to understand Juniper devices in terms of its operating system called JUNOS. Junos OS is the common operating system that runs across Juniper’s routing, switching, and security devices. 

Oct 2013Aug 2014

Six-sigma white belt 

Aveta Business Institute

The Six Sigma White Belt is a course designed to provide the most basic level of understanding of the Six Sigma Methodology. It aims to provide a basic definition, history, and structure of the discipline. It also provides a solid understanding of who is involved in the actual implementation within an organization. It involving process improvement, variability, process performance, and the specific roles that different team members play.


Network Planning

To plan the network as per customer requirement (Enterprise services) or network upgrade.


The 4G LTE network is the latest design for providing high speed data services to customers like VoLTE, HD Video, High speed online gaming.


The user communication technology for data and voice to be delivered at different agreements.

Routing & Switching Tecchnologies

Network path to be route and switched as per topology and network requirementt

Network Management 

Management of network withing given condition and managing records of the events. 

Data Networking

LAN, MAN, WAN based networking for data services.