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Work experience

Apr 2009Present

Benefit Manager


Worked independently with a very high level of professional integrity to provide excellent customer service and sales to large labor union, credit union and association members throughout the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.  Provided sound leadership and training to new agents. Supported satellite sales office operations with a focus on coaching and mentoring team members and establishing increased productivity. Developed clear and precise sales goals while developing team member skills focused on effective and efficient processes to maximize revenues and increase profits.

Jan 1993Present


Altasst Classic Connection

Classic car restoration business designed to provide excellent customer service and return style to the world one classic at a time.

As President of my own company, I have had the opportunity to develop, design, implement and manage all business processes and procedures as well as to meet each challenge that entrepreneurship provides head on with sound strategic planning and innovative problem solving skills. Through the use of prior business management experiences, gained educational insight and sound business decisions, I have continually grown my business successfully to withstand any industry fluctuations.  Entrepreneurial ship has allowed me to use my experiences and skills to create sound business decisions based on strong market research, creative marketing campaigns and extraordinary customer service techniques.

Jul 2008Jan 2009

Business Manager

Floors International, LLC

Worked independently and with little to no supervision to collaborate with and lead staff members to sucessfull teamwork environment. Managed and oversaw daily business operations with a focus on increasing revenues and maximizing resources to reduce overall cost. Mentoring and training of existing and new staff member skills towards effective and efficient processes and procedures to maximize revenues and increse profit margins.  Provided sound decision making skills in the areas of business operations, human resources, customer services, outside sales support, vendor relations, business development, marketing and inventory management. Oversaw and increased productivey through innovative administration activities for corporate operations including two satelite warehouses.  Creative in the development of outside sales associates, customer service support specialist, and outside accounting team. Monitored, measured and reportedall departmental accoumplishments, opportunities, and achievements within the agreed format and timelines. Developed, designed, implemented and monitores proper business procedures and policies focused on building the overall functions throughout the different corporate deppartments that directly impacted daily operations, including but not limited to, purchasing, sales, billing, marketing, collections, advertising, customer service and vendor relations.  Managed and oversaw the movement of products, equipment, materials, supplies in and out of the country in compliace with the local and international regulations and requirements. Implemented and monitored all import and export of materials. Participated and provided sound strategies for the setting of monthly and annual budgets. Contributed to the evaluation and development of operational strategies and performance through the development and implementation of proper business policies, procedures and processes. Implemented, measured and managed over all business processes focused on streamlining resources for maximum return.  Provided sound business negotiations for sales associate and third party contracts.  Sucessfully designed, implemented and monitored point of contact customer service program focused on reducing A/R liabilities.

Apr 2007Jul 2008

Assistant Controller

Republic Harley Davidson

Provided accounting, financial and business support for Controller in the areas of accurate reporting, journal entry, general journal, account reconcilation, vendor bill monitoring and payment, sales receipts, and daily financial operations.  Provided administrative support fundamental to both the conduct of operations of theaccounting division and the achievement of its operational and functional objective.  Provided excellent work product in relation to analysis, preparation, interpretation, reconcilation, credit analysis, auditing, and financial reporting duties.  Preparation of various tax filings, payments and account reconcilation. Ensure timely and accurate transaction processing, account analysis, reconciliations and schedules; Manages the fiscal administration (excluding investing) of the accounting, reporting, tax, and  dealership compliance requirements.  Prepared on a timely basis monthly and annual financial statements, including variance analysis in collaboration with the Controller. 

Manage, coordinate and report on internal audit programs as they related to accounting and financial operations.  Review of accounting procedures, confirmation of account balances, inspection of physical opeations, investigation of irregularities and errors. Developed, implemented and monitored annual audit procedures and processes to identify areas of need, improvement in process effectiveness and efficiency.  Provided sound and precise decisions in regard to quality assurance through setting clear goals and objectives for inventory controls.

Responsible for directing the activities of the Inventory Accounting (IA), Accounts Payable Expense (APE), Accounts Payable Merchandise (APM), Sales Audit (SA), Accounting System (AS) and Accounts Receivable (AR) Departments that includes the Director of accounting, Merchandise payables, Directory of Inventory Accounting, APE Manager and AR manager. Assisted Controller in routine operations and make sure that the financial reports are accurate. Responsible for the financial areas of the company that includes financial reporting, cash flows, forecasting, credit and collection, inventory controls, banking activities and purchasing.

Assisted in the preparation of yearly accounting budget and helped to prepare the supporting documentation and justification. Preparation of reports that review and forecasts financial and business activity of company. Assisted in the resolving problems, identifying trends, completing audits, determine process improvements and implementing change, analyzing variances, initiate corrective actions,  and scheduling expenditures.

Jun 2004Apr 2007

Legal Collections Manager

Holoway Jones Law Firm

Oversaw  and managed all aspects of collection department to include developing and designing collection practices and procedures.  Instrumental in the development of computer applications focused solely streamlining the collection practice and producing error free documents for filing. Proven ability to manage multiple client files to completion, exceptional communication skills for handling clients, defendants, attorneys, court personnel, senior partners, and outside third parties. Negotiated ongoing client matters to amicable settlements. Research and prepare litigation documents for foreclosure matters, created and drafted precise briefs tailored to special issues raised by opposing counsel. Proven record for settling claims with debtors amicably without the need for foreclosure.

Specific duties to include but not limited to:

1. Preparing demands for payment of current, delinquent, and pending payments of secured real estate. Prepares and submitted claims for current, delinquent and pending payments of secured real estate.

2. Review notices of bankruptcy, prepared proofs of claim for payment of delinquent and current payments for homeowners; contact with debtor's attorney and bankruptcy trustees regarding legality of debt and non-dischargeability of lien.  Monitored ongoing bankruptcy proceedings and refilled or continued litigation as allowed for dismissed or discharged cases. 

3. Research and review general collection accounts and delinquent accounts to determine lien validity and apply applicable codes, procedures, regulations and laws for securing client liens. Investigated and determined best methods for locating debtors, verified debtor whereabouts, employment, and ability to pay delinquent amounts.

4.  Interpret and explain amount due to homeowners, and provide information on legal procedures and laws regarding delinquent payments.  Worked closely with clients to establish a clear understanding of the procedure for handling overdue accounts and debtors.

5.  Determined when collection actions for restitution accounts have not been effective and prepare court filings. Prepare all legal documents, garnishes of wages, settlement offers, settlement agreements, judgments, foreclosures, and tax sales.

6.  Gathered information and evidence needed to use in civil proceedings to obtain lien, abstract of judgment, and other legal actions as needed, scheduled and participated in arbitrations, mediations and debtor settlement meetings to settle matters amicably without the need for foreclosure.

Apr 2002Jan 2004

Legal Administrator

Dinkins, Kelly, Lenox, Lamb & Walker

Managed business functions as well as the overall operations of the firm. Reported to the managing partner, and participated in management meetings. Responsible for financial planning and controls, personnel administration, and systems and physical facilities, identified and planned for the changing needs of the organization, shared responsibility with the appropriate partners for strategic planning, practice management and marketing, and contributed to cost-effective management throughout the organization.

Primarily responsible for the following:

Financial Management:Including planning, forecasting, budgeting, variance analysis, profitability analysis, financial reporting, general ledger accounting, billing and collections, cash flow control, banking relationships, investment, tax planning, tax reporting, trust accounting, payroll, pension plans and other financial management functions.

Human Resource Management:Including recruiting, selection, training and development, performance evaluation, salary administration, employee relations, motivation, counseling, disciplining, discharging, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, personnel data systems, job design, resource allocation and other human resource management functions for the legal, paralegal and support staff.

Systems Management:Including systems analysis, operational audits, cost/benefit analysis, computer systems design, programming and systems development, information services, records management, library management, office automation, document construction systems, information storage and retrieval, telecommunications, litigation support, legal practice systems and other systems management functions.

Facilities Management:Including space planning and design, purchasing, inventory control, reprographics, records storage, reception/switchboard services, telecommunications, mail, messenger and other facilities management functions.

As a member of the firm's management team, contributed significantly to the following:

Operations/Management:Including strategic and tactical planning, business development, risk management, quality control, organizational development, firm planning processes and other general management functions.

Practice Management:Including lawyer recruiting, lawyer training and development, legal assistant supervision, work product quality control, professional standards, substantive practice systems and other practice management functions.

Marketing:Including management of client profitability analysis, forecasting of business opportunities, planning client development, marketing legal services and enhancing the firm’s visibility and image in the desired markets.

Sep 2001Mar 2002

Sr. Legal Assistant

McGlinchey Stafford

Real Estate document preparation (Deed of Trust, Buy, sell and purchase agreements, liens, warranty and special warranty deed, promissory note, closing documentation, seller disclosure, assumption, Oil and Gas Lease, and standard and special Lease Options), case management, contract and lease preparation, review and modification, filing, billing, time management, UCC filings, and other special projects as required. 

Aug 1998Sep 2001

Legal Administrative Assistant

House & House

Legal- Preparation and drafting legal documents, including, but not limited to, (Motions, Petitions, Answers,

Discovery Requests and Responses, Deposition and other trial related notices, Subpoenas, Judgments,

Trial Requests, and Joint Pre- Trial Orders, Jury Issues and Instructions), legal research (including,

background checks, witness locating, asset discovery and other investigative duties), shepardizing cases,

client, attorney, court clerk and Judge communications and relations, Westlaw and Lexis Nexis research,

Trial Notebooks, Document production, deposition preparation, deposition excerpts and summaries, exhibits

preparation, trial preparation, Medical record summaries, incoming client screening.

Accounting- client billing, time tracking, computer business tax data preparation, new client file set up

and maintenance, office management within a completely computerized and networked office. AP/AR,

payroll (direct deposit and traditional), account reconciliation, bank account management, computer business

tax preparation, vendor relations manager, client billing, insurance billing, banking relations manager, credit

accounts, network system coordination and management, software installation, initial implementation,

troubleshooting and employee training, employee relations, public relations, insurance company relations,

set up and closing of client files, general office coordination of duties and responsibilities.

Office Management- overseeing complete office policies and procedures, employee training, complete

upgrade of all computer systems and network server to comply with year 2000, employee hiring and

termination, employee record management, accountant CLE compliance, accountant assistance, client

greeting, vacation scheduling file administration, inventory control, health benefits, and customer and vendor

service, computer and software and network and desktop maintenance.

Human Resources- Guidance and management over the human resource policies and programs for the

entire company to include recruiting and staffing; organizational and space planning; performance

management and improvement systems; organization development; employment and compliance to

regulatory concerns; employee orientation, development, and training; policy development and

documentation; employee relations; company-wide committee facilitation; company employee and

community communication; compensation and benefits administration; employee safety, welfare, wellness

and health; charitable giving; and employee services and counseling.

Apr 1993Aug 1998

Administrative Legal Assistant

Law Offices of Jim Peacock

Legal Office Administration, payroll, A/P, A/R, bank, vendor and client account reconciliation, tax preparation, financial reporting, vendor relations, client billing, credit accounts, network system coordination, business application installation, employee training, policies and procedure implementation and monitoring, employee relations, public relations, general office task (filing, telephone answering, receptionist, supplies, and incoming call screening).  Overall legal office administration and business management duties.

Preparation of case specific documents (Motions, Petitions, Answers (General and Affirmative), Discovery Requests and Responses, Witness list, Pre-trial, Medical Record Summaries, Exhibit List, Witness List, Jury Issues and Instructions, Deposition Summaries and Excerpts, Briefs, Judgments, Settlement Orders, Settlement Agreements, Subpoenas and others as required).  Deposition participation and preparation, scheduling and planning, Deadline calendaring and monitoring, Travel arrangements, Legal research, background checks, people and asset location, shepardizing, client and witness screening, interviewing and trial prep, Trial preparation and participation. 

Trial participation: Assisting with witness preparation, exhibit presentation, jury polling and selection, cross examination assistance, power point presentations, electronic documentation presentation, and other assistance as needed.


May 2008Jan 2009


University of Phoenix
Mar 1992Apr 1993

Legal Assistance Certificate


Completion of Legal Assistance training. Home based computerized study course with mid term and graduation testing.  3.89 GPA.

Jul 1989Aug 1990


Completed one year to included all core courses and beginning and intermediate computer programming. Language Fortran.  3.79 GPA.


Graphics, text art, drawing, painting, oils, carcoals,glass etching, windo and mirror art, web design, brochures, signs, certificates, business cards, flyer and other advertising media.
Online research, people, places and asset locating, domain set-up, administration and maintenance, web presence, advertising, dashboards, digital imaging, blogging, twitter, and instant messaging.
Software installation, system upgrades, backup, recovery, data maintenance, configuration, monitoring, optimizing for performance, workstation, desktop and server maintenance, server and network documentation, remote support, system administration, troubleshooting and common diagnoses of common network issues,  support, maintenance and administration of third-party applications, project planning, desktop installation, surveillance monitoring, maintenance, and installation.
Business Machines
Ten key by touch and sight, Dictaphone equipment, hand and computer calculator, business copiers, internal computer fax modem, NT, Novell and Small Business Server, enlarger, poster maker, PC and Point of Contact interface, printers, scanners, facsimiles, manual typewriter, postage machine, recorders, pc camera, camcorders, digital camera, hand held inventory auditing equipment, safe, surveillance equipment.
Business Applications
Profficient in Word (06,07 and older versions), Microsoft Works, Windows Live, Excel, Access, Power Point, Word Perfect (06,07,08,09,10 and 11), Outlook, IE, Digital photography, Internet, Dos,  Windows 3.1, Win 95, NT, Visa, and 98, Abacus Law, Timeslips Deluxe, BPI, Real World, Juris Classic and 2.1, Quicken, Quickbooks (03, 04, 07, and Enterprise) Peachtree (03, 06, 08), Postmaster, Delrina Winfax Pro, Westlaw, LexisNexis, Search Master, Check Cite, Catlinks, Lotus, Paradox Se, Amortizer+, Access, Corel Professional Office, Corel Presentations, Fast Forms, FedEx Ship, UPS Online, Quickbooks Pro, Enterprise QB Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition Remotely possible, Logmein, Mypc and other remote applications, Authority from Matthew, Lois Law, Summation, Act, Choicepoint,  Talon POS, Adobe Professional, and others
Human Resources
Working skills in fostering effective methods of goal setting, communication and personnel empowerment. Strong appittude for building employee ownership of the organization. Profficient in establishling an organizational culture and climate in which people have the competency, concern and commitment to serve customers well. Clear understanding of how to provide development opportunities, employee assistance programs, gain sharing and profit-sharing strategies, organization development interventions, due process approaches to problem solving and regularly scheduled communication opportunities.
Legal Assistance
Proficient in document preparation, court filings, discovery management, client support, collections, attorney support, legal research (Westlaw, LexusNexus, and others), deposition planning and scheduling, trial preparation, witness locating, client billing, time management and recording, case management from beginning to end.
Legal Administration
Advanced knowledge and experience with the overall management of the business functions as well as the operations of a law office. Strong communication skills and experienced in reporting information to the managing partner, management committee or Chairman of the Board, and participates in management meetings. Working knowledge and experience in providing adequate financial planning and controls, personnel administration, and systems and physical facilities. Excellent skills for identifying and planning for the changing needs of the organization, sharing responsibility with the appropriate partners or owners for strategic planning, practice management and marketing, and contributions to cost-effective management throughout the organization.
Working knowledge of accepted accounting, auditing, and economic practices and principles. Current working knowledge of applicable laws, codes and regulations related to business accounting. Advanced knowledge, skills and experience with related business accounting applications.  Management experience of financial systems, budgets, financial reporting, data analysis, auditing, taxation, and providing sound financial advice. Working knowledge of effective and efficient control of A/R, A/P, general journal, general ledger, financial reporting, month-end, and inventory. Strong attention to detail and accuracy, planning, and organization.  Strong communication skills, problem analysis, information and task monitoring, judgment and problem-solving.  Innovative supervisory skills and stress tolerance.


Glorian Drews

Mrs. Drews has been a long time personal friend. She has personal knowledge of the professionalism, experience and skills demonstrated by Mrs. Ivey throughout the time known.

Jim Peacock

Mr. Peacock is and has remained both a mentor and a friend for many years.  As an employer he taught me the importance of doing it right the first time and giving 110 percent to everything that you do.


Today’s economy requires exceptional senior operating and management executives who possess a unique blend of leadership, vision, broad-based experience, and the ability to deliver superior results. I am that person.


Reading, learning, classic cars, motorcycles, boating, fishing and spending time with family and friends.