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An Overview of the Clean Technology Market

More and more individual and corporate-level investors are looking toward the clean technology, or “clean tech,” industry as an attractive business opportunity, so it pays to understand the basics of how this relatively new market sector actually works.Clean technology investing targets companies and industries that are environmentally friendly and that strive to enhance all aspects of their operations, production, and distribution in ways that limit waste, consumption of energy, and overall environmental impact. Operating with maximum efficiency and a minimum of waste generation has a positive impact on shareholder value, in addition to fostering the public good.The renewable energy market includes companies that produce solar power, geothermal and wind energy, and bio-fuels. Because of the increasing importance of international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocols and individual nations’ growing emphasis on conservation, this sector has already demonstrated potential for continued growth.Clean technology industries also encompass the advanced materials sector, whose companies manufacture products with fewer toxins and a more streamlined economic and environmental impact. Other energy-efficient companies make a variety of hybrid vehicles or produce environmentally appropriate packaging or lighting.Investment professionals expect demand within this market to continue its upward trajectory, as corporations of every size step up their commitment to energy efficiency and reduced waste as a better way of doing business. Investment banking professional Gary Pagar has served in executive positions in major U.S. corporations, where he has focused on mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategic planning, and restructurings for a variety of clients. He has built up extensive knowledge of the renewable energy, real estate, health care, and other industries.

About Gary Pagar

An experienced Investment Banker, Gary Pagar has arranged for, or participated in, over 100 acquisitions, divestitures and multiple financings for numerous clients in the U.S. and globally and totaling several billion dollars in transaction value. In his current role as a Managing Director at Cappello Group, Inc., an international investment bank headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Gary Pagar continues to advise clients in corporate financings and mergers & acquisitions. His clients include leaders in the fields of health care, renewable energy, retail, real estate, and media and entertainment. A graduate of the University of Rochester, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and American History, Gary Pagar also studied finance and marketing at graduate division of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In his first position after Wharton, Gary Pagar worked as an Associate at Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., now part of Bank of America. In following years, Gary Pagar joined Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., where he was promoted from the position of Associate to Vice President. Later, Mr. Pagar joined the private equity firm, Tribeca Group. In his role as a Managing Director at Tribeca, Gary Pagar primarily oversaw investments in retail chains, nationally, as well as with consumer products and services businesses.

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Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Managing Director

Cappello Group, Inc.
Jan 2004Dec 2006

Managing Director

Westwood Capital, LLC
Jan 1999Dec 2003

Managing Director

Profile Media Group, LLC
Jan 1999Dec 1999

Consultant, Strategic and Capital Planning

GVA/Williams Real Estate Co.
Jan 1992Dec 1998


MedFirst Heathcare
Jan 1984Dec 1991

General Partner

The Tribeca Group, LP
Jan 1981Dec 1984

Vice President (final position)

Oppenheimer and Co. Inc.



University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School


University of Rochester