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Focused administrator with extensive experience in compliance management, auditing, finance and contracts.  Dynamic, confident personality that takes charge and produces results.  Detail oriented and highly organized with the ability to prepare a variety of fiancial and written reports.  Well developed analytical, interpersonal and communication skills enabling effective interfacing with professionals on all levels.  Masters degree in business administration with supervisory experience.

Innovator and Leader

Developed, established and implemented compliance procedures for the first internal auditing department in a state government agency;  served as Chief Internal Auditor for eight years.  Presented results of external audit reports to the Illinois State Legislature.  Excellent communication skills allowing the effective exchange of information orally and in writing to all levels.  Highly organized, with the ability to coordinate multiple projects and inspired senior management to revise long standing operating procedures.

  • management and compliance auditing
  • implementation of policies and procedures
  • presentation skills
  • intergovernmental relations
  • team player

Administrator and Planner

Effective time management skills and solid project expertise resulting in the timely review and administrative reporting of policies, procedures, contractual and compliance issues to insure assets were properly protected.

  • problem solver
  • multi-tasking
  • implementation of policies and procedures
  • review of grants and contracts
  • report writing

Financial Management and Reporting

Coordinated planning and fiscal accounting activities for submittal of yearly 15 million dollar budget, prepared monthly expenditure and cash flow reports for senior management.  Supervised, evaluated and directed activities of accounting division personnel.  Implemented all financial audit recommedations.

  • budgeting and fiscal control
  • supervision
  • financial reporting

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Master of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Southern Ilinois University