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  • Fourteen years of experience developing applications for the Internet, desktop and enterprise. 
  • Experience managing every phase of the project life cycle including requirements definition, development, leading development teams, iterative delivery, quality assurance, and production rollouts.
  • While my focus is primarily technical, I am very comfortable working with the business side of software.

Work experience

Technical Lead

Designed and lead development of, an application that allows couples to register for unique experiences for their honeymoon.  Features include integration with PayPal's shopping cart, themes, item images, and email notification of purchases.

  • Rails 2.2.2
  • Hosted on Dreamhost
  • Deployed on Apache/Passenger
  • Database is MySQL
  • Integrated with PayPal's shopping cart
  • Issue tracking done with Lighthouse
  • Deployments used Capistrano
  • Source control using Subversion
Dec 2008Present

Software Developer

Software developer on a team of fifteen developing Bill Me Later's credit authorization engine which processed thousands of transactions per day.  Major projects included integration with the Discover Network and integration with PayPal's Consumer Wallet.

Technology used

  • Struts
  • EJB2 Session, Entity, and Message Driven Beans
  • Oracle 9i database, PL/SQL
  • Spring Web Services
  • Weblogic 9.2 application server
Apr 2010Present

Lead Developer

Fractured Atlas

I lead the technical aspects of software development for Fractured Atlas, a non-profit technology company. I started with and took the product from whiteboards and user stories to web application with thousands of satisfied arts orgs use to run their ticketing, CRM, and reporting. 

Helped create a fellowship program that took 2-3 aspiring developers and brought them on full-time for three months to teach them software engineering. Program was featured in several media outlets including PandoDaily.

The number of software engineers under my direction has fluctuated from 2-6. I've also directed teams of contractors both domestic and offshore.

Fractured Atlas has a number of other technology projects including NYCPASpaces and our internal helpdesk software.

Jun 2008Dec 2008

Freelance Contract

Freelance development task for Progeny Systems was to take a set of requirements for a Work Package Creator and turn that into an web application to be delivered to the US Navy to manage Work Packages and Maintenance Tasks. 

  • Drafted estimate, schedule and budget for the project
  • Managed feature and delivery schedules
  • Led development, QA testing, and iteration delivery.
  • Led periodic status meetings with Progeny management to present progress and discuss schedules

Technology used

  • Java
  • ExtJS javascript framework
  • Hibernate
  • EJB3 with annotations
  • JBoss
Jan 2006Oct 2008

Lead Developer

Senior Engineer on a team of five Java developers developing Vinfolio's online Fine Wine store and VinCellar, Vinfolio's world class cellar management application.  During this time, Vinfolio's registered users increased from 5000 to 40,000, the business changed from a membership-fee model to a free model, and sales increased from $1 million to just over $14 million yearly.  The challenge to was to expand the website to accommodate the increase in traffic while developing the wine store ( and the new cellar management applications (

Led the development team under the direction of the VP of Engineering.  Responsibilities included meeting with management to define tasks and requirements, assessing difficulty to tasks, assigning tasks to developers, bug assessment and assignment, coordination of QA, and rollouts to production.

While working at Vinfolio, I helped develop:

  • An ecommerce retail wine store that behaved like common, high volume retail applications
  • VinCellar 3.0, a free, web-based cellar management application that lets users track their wine collections and share tasting notes with other users.
  • Facebook application that allowed VinCellar users to share wines on their Facebook news feed
  • Interfaces between Salesforce CRM, Silverpop Email Marketing Management, and Microsoft Great Plains
  • PayPal payment processing module
  • Silverpop communication interfaces to enable marketing emails
  • Interface for customers to rate packages in real time from FedEx
  • Shipping module to allow warehouse employees to print shipping labels from FedEx

At Vinfolio, I used the following technologies

  • Java
  • Hibernate 3.0
  • Struts, XDoclet

After relocating to Maryland, I was brought under contract by Vinfolio to develop, the most comprehensive tool on the Internet for valuing fine wines.  The graphics and creative was done by Vinfolio while I completed the javascript interaction layer and the Servlet/Logic layer to deliver searching, auction data, charts and tables. was launched in September of 2008.

Sep 2002Jan 2006

Software Engineer

Progeny Systems specialized in technology development for the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense.  Progeny's role was to integrate Commercial Off The Shelf Technology (COTS) and Open Source technology, and provide adapter code, support, and service on the systems.

Jul 2001Sep 2002

Software Engineer

Worked on teams developing web applications for Dupont Teflon ( and Ralph Lauren Polo (


Sep 1996May 2001


Virginia Tech