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I'm a senior software developer with over fourteen year’s experience in commercial and corporatesoftware development, a skilled database designer and administrator for MS SQL and Oracle databases, transactional or functioning as a data-warehouse.  I’m experienced in working throughout the software lifecycle from functional specification through to deployment. A self motivated individual who is both deadline focused and thorough in my approach to design and implementation while having a sharp eye for detail and quality.


Peter Bartlett 


EOH Outsourcing

Gary-Joe " pretty much a self-starter; preferring to be tasked and then left to “get on with the job”. He is proactive in his approach to problem solving and is always seeking ways and means to improve. He is an easy person to manage, and receives tasks and directives without question.

As stated, he works well in small teams and where necessary, he is able to manage these groups assertively and with clear goals and objectives as outcome. He clearly enjoys interacting with team members in a jovial and friendly manner while never loosing focus on the required results for the team. ..."

Reference Letter, P. Bartlett


Pieter van der Merwe

Technical Administrator

EOH Outsourcing

Gary-Joe "...has always performed all tasks with a high degree of diligence and dedication and has proved himself as a competent, reliable and dependable software developer.

He is always keen to help users and colleagues alike and has a friendly and approachable disposition. He is well liked by those whom he comes into contact with..."

Reference Letter, P. van der Merwe


Mike Heydon

Programmer/Systems AdministratorEOH Outsourcing

Mike Heydon is a well respected programmer in the internet community. He's a major contributor to knowledge exchange forums, such as were he has published over 50 articles.

"...Gary has the ability to adapt to the constantly changing IT environment and would be a great asset to any forward looking IT development organisation. ..."

Reference Letter, M Heydon




Scuba Diving

Certified Scuba Diving Instructor with over 250 dives logged 

Work experience

Work experience
2009 - Present

Senior Software Developer

Ocuco Ltd

Technologies used:

Delphi 2006/2007 XE, JASON, Java Script, HTML, Oracle 10g, 11g, Pervasive.

2006 - 2009

Senior Technical Developer

EOH Outsourcing

Outsourced to PG Bison PTY LTD 

  • Appointed to the PG Bison Business Intelligence committee as senior technical programmer.
  • This required interacting with several aspects of the business; finance, sales, logistics and their customer service centre for application specifications and plausibility studies.
  • Presented new business development requirements at the BI steering committee for costing and business impact assessments, adhering to their change management policy.
  • Designed and implemented an intranet based portal framework using a NT Authentication security layer for seamless network transparency to the end user. Enabling different aspects of the business to have views to functional specific topics while accessing data and various other applications through a common graphical user interface. 
  • Designed and implemented PG Bison’s data-warehouses and OLAP Cubes to support their business reporting environments. This included writing various data synchronisation and cleansing programmes used to extract data from the main transactional ERP system and several other non-integrated databases applying dynamic calculations were necessary while populating the core data-mart. The data synchronisation programs had post synchronisation data integrity checks with early warning routines alerting via email or sms.
  • Extensive use of MPC View Manager designing, modifying, updating reports which connected to the OLAP data-mart. These reports integrated into the Business Information Portal and supported various aspects of the business for mission critical information.
  • Designed and managed the development of a customer service delivery system with full integration into the portal.
  • Worked on the technical programming team which designed a front end application for the new SSA ERP system which handled server load balancing, front end security, user lock out functionality and a bulletin board feature for communication to the end users.
  • Submitted disaster recovery documentation and performed off site system restore simulations for the annual business continuity audit conducted at Continuity SA audited by KPMG.
  • Mentoring and inducting new developers

Technologies used:

Delphi 7/2006, Visual Studio 2005/08, C#, ASP.NET, Java Script, MS SQL 2000/05, Oracle 10g.

Reason for leaving: Immigrated to Ireland.

2003 - 2005

Technical Software Developer

EOH Outsourcing
  • Wrote a network management system based on ITIL standards.
  • The Network Management Schema encompassed management of user accounts, user groups, computer accounts, computer assets, printing devices, full network topology which also included a software licensing module with various network auditing and monitoring modules. 
  • The system had a fully integrated service desk, with a web based interface enabling users to log their own support calls. It included a resource matrix for auto allocation and escalation. sms alerter for high or urgent incidents.
  • System Implemented at PG Bison, EOH, Schindler elevators and Group 5.

Technologies used:

Delphi 6/7, WMI, CDO and SNMP interfaces, HTML, Java Script, MS SQL 2000, Oracle 7.

Reason for leaving: Promoted.

2000 - 2002


EOH Outsourcing

Outsourced to PG Bison PTY LTD

  • Assisted during the IT Infrastructure technology upgrade project, during this period we rolled out 650 new workstations across the WAN infrastructure. New NT servers were deployed at high user concentrated sites. The challenges faced during this upgrade project were the Implementation of ms exchange and cross grade from Novel to Active Directory.
  • Wrote a sales analytical tool which supported PG Bison’s wide product hierarchy, customer groupings and site geography. I was responsible for designing the data warehouse environment and data extract applications.
  • Wrote a FTP utility to assist uses to retrieve data extracts from the ERP system.

Technologies used: Delphi 5, MS SQL 7/ 2000, Oracle 7, Active Directory, GPO and CDO.

 Reason for leaving: Promoted.

1998 - 1999


Business Enterprise Software Technologies
  • Wrote customisations and performed bug fixes for existing Facilities Maintenance Management System clients. Major clients consisted of Transnet, Port Net and Johannesburg road’s dept.
  • Implemented FMMS Roads system including customisations for Polokwane’s dept. of public works.
  • Converted an existing capital works system which was written in Visual Basic to CA Open Road with full integration to the FMMS system for Polokwane dept. of public works.
  • Implemented Hummingbird BI reporting tool for Outsurance.
  • In January 1999 I was sent to England for 6 weeks to receive technology updates from our business partners. C-Image document management solutions in Bracknell and Hummingbird BI Tool set in Wokingham.

Technologies used:Delphi 3, CA Open ROAD, Visual Basic, HTML, Oracle 7/8, Ingress IDBMS and MS Access.

 Reason for leaving: Personal Growth.

1996 - 1997

Computer Technician

Incredible Connection
  • Trouble shooting small business networks covering hardware failures, software installations network printing, setting up and implementing new peer to peer networks including cabling, I also assisted with the maintenance of our own computer network.
  • Received technical training from all major hardware and software vendors at the time.

Technologies used:Windows 95/98 NT 4, OS/2, Various windows based office automation products and utilities.

 Reason for leaving: Pursue a career in Programming.



Microsoft, Office automation products

Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, Front Page, Sharepoint Portal.

HTML, Java Script

Microsoft, Operating Systems

Windows - 95/98, NT 4 Workstation, NT 4 Server,  2000 Workstation, 2000 Server, XP, 2003 Server, Vista.

Visual Studio C#

Microsoft Analysis Services

Microsoft SQL

Oracle PL/SQL